Yearning Young by Deidre Huesmann

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Burning Britely, 2

Braeden’s never had to question anything before. He’s always been popular, always had everything handed to him, and always been straight.

Then he met Jeffrey Young. Quiet, studious, analytical … a guy.

Falling for Jeff ultimately resulted in Braeden’s expulsion. Now he’s questioning everything. Like if he can handle his pill-abusing mother and ruthlessly enabling father much longer. If he’s protecting his siblings out of selfless motivations. If he belongs with Jeff, now his boyfriend. Jeff’s less-than-straight friends are skeptical of his sexuality as well, which isn’t assuaging any of Braeden’s fears.

As his connection to Jeff deepens quicker than expected, Braeden has to face the question he’s been avoiding for weeks: what is he supposed to do with a guy?

14+ due to sexuality, violence, and adult situations





It was getting too warm. The water wasn’t helping much, either. Braeden removed his shirt.


Jeff turned back—then did a double take. He cursed as he stumbled over the curve of a root.


Braeden had to stop before he tripped over Jeff. He grinned. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to blind you.”


“Shut up.” Jeff rubbed his mouth.


It was the cutest nervous habit ever and only made Braeden want to kiss him.


Braeden leaned in close and lowered his voice. “You could always return the favor.” There was something uniquely exciting about this—teasing Jeff. But with that came the trepidation, the fear. If this goes too far, what the hell am I supposed to do?


Jeff rolled his eyes but went strangely still. He stared at a fixed point in the distance. The muscle in his jaw flexed as though he was talking himself into or out of something.


Then he turned to Braeden. Sunlight glinted off his glasses. “Come on.”


Before Braeden could ask, Jeff stepped off the trail and into the dense woods. Braeden stared after him. His pulse quickened and shot downward.




Well, why not? That was the plan—at least, one outcome of it. And he’d done plenty with girls in these same woods. Jeff even knew about that part of his history.


But … here? Now?


He’s going to think you’re rejecting him.


Braeden shoved aside his misgivings and followed his boyfriend. It didn’t take long to catch up. Jeff didn’t seem to have noticed his hesitation.


I don’t know what to do with guys.


Heat threaded through him as they picked their way through wild bushes, dodged trees and large rocks. His heart slammed between his ears.


What the hell do I do?


Maybe Jeff wouldn’t go that far…


Jeff stopped and turned so abruptly that Braeden almost collided with him. The water bottle fell at their feet. Jeff grabbed him. Pulled him close.


Kissed him.


Just that contact cleared the thorny doubts from Braeden’s mind. This part was familiar. They’d done this dozens of times, if not hundreds. Jeff’s mouth was warm, almost hot. The faintest hint of stubble scratched Braeden as they kissed, and a new, pleasant feeling flooded into him.


Because this was Jeff.


These firm hands, they were Jeff’s. This acerbic mouth turned eager and giving, it was Jeff’s. Even when Braeden glided his hand down his boyfriend’s back, when the embrace melted into heavy heat, with Jeff’s chest pressing solidly against him, all Braeden could think was, This is Jeff.


And then a new thought, one that tingled its way into full bloom.


I love him.


Braeden threw his shirt to the forest floor. Never breaking the kiss, he shoved Jeff against the nearest tree. A half-annoyed, half-lustful groan erupted from Jeff. Then his fingers were in Braeden’s hair. Then on his chest. Braeden allowed a delightful shiver down his back.


Then Jeff broke away to remove his shirt, and Braeden couldn’t help but smile.


Jeff froze and narrowed his eyes. Shirt wrapped around his wrists, he said, “What?”


“Nothing,” whispered Braeden, pulling him back in.


This, too, was new. Jeff’s bare chest was warm, his hands warmer, yet somehow eliciting cool tingles from Braeden’s core. Jeff’s mouth brushed beneath his ear, down his throat, his tongue lightly touching Braeden’s collarbone. His hands on the waistband of Braeden’s shorts—


And then it was fear—


Braeden gasped and grabbed Jeff’s wrists with both hands. Jeff went stiff in his hold, his chest heaving so hard that Braeden could feel tiny blond hairs brushing against his stomach.


Both stood still, trapped in a moment of time, the air stagnating with each breath. The pounding in Braeden’s ribcage pressed a mixture of waning excitement and waxing dread through his veins.


I can’t.


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Long & Short
Written by Astilbe on 12th May 2019

Sometimes love is complicated. Seeing how Braeden’s understanding of his sexual orientation evolved over time was one of my favorite parts of this tale. Bisexuality was something new to him, and he had many questions about what being bisexual meant to him and how he should respond to people who were prejudiced against him because of it. I appreciated the fact that the author tackled this subject so openly and honestly. She did an excellent job of showing what it feels like to come out of the closet in this way, and I’m saying that as someone who has personal experience with the subject. Ms. Huesman’s empathy for all of her characters, and especially this one, made it impossible for me to stop reading. This is a minor criticism of something I really enjoyed overall, but I would have liked to see a bit more time spent on the dysfunctional family dynamics. There was a lot going on with the homophobic dad in particular that I wish would have been explored more. The conflicts those relationships brought to the plot were quite interesting. One of the sections of my review of the first book of this series talked about how I wished there had been more time taken to develop Braeden and Jeff’s relationship. I was quite happy to see that this was exactly what happened in the second instalment! Both characters had plenty of time to figure out what they wanted from their relationship and how closely the things they wanted actually matched up with each other. This was exactly what they and the plot needed in order to move forward, so it was nice to see it occur. As I just mentioned, this is a sequel. I would recommend reading Burning Britely first in order to best understand what’s going on with these characters’ lives now. I’d recommend Yearning Young to anyone who has ever felt out of place.

Great Read!!!
Written by Heidi Woodring on 24th Apr 2019

Yearning Young, Burning Britley Book Two, by Deidre Huesmann is the second book in this series and is in Braeden’s point of view as where book one was in Jeff’s point of view. Braeden has always been popular, always seemed put together. Behind the scenes Braeden is dealing with a mother who abuses pills, a father who enables his mother, and Braeden always protecting his siblings. Jeff comes into his life and Braeden falls. His falling for Jeff caused him to be expelled and his less then understanding friends not wanting to understand sexuality and his relationships with Jeff. All the negative is not helping the fears Braeden has venturing into the unknown with Jeff. Quickly things heat up with Jeff and they get closer, which only brings more questions and fears with Braeden. This is a book and series that is raw and a coming of age about two boys learning about each other and guiding through a new relationship that many don’t or won’t understand. I simply loved diving into the world of Jeff and Braeden, the only issue I had was the book was not as long as I would have liked. I like a lengthier story when I feel such a connection to the characters and the storyline. This is a well written book that I highly recommend.

A great read!
Written by Angela on 24th Apr 2019

Yearning Young is the second book in the Burning Britely series by Deidre Huesmann. As with the first book, this is a great YA/coming of age story, full of self-discovery and realization, some angst, drama, friendship, expectations, emotions, dysfunctional family dynamics, and self-acceptance. The book is an emotive, quick and easy read. It has a great pace and a smooth flow. The story and characters were interesting and quite relatable. And, like the first story, I loved the strong character development and growth that occurred over the course of the story/series. The characters were fully realised, and the story had a depth that packed quite a bit of intensity at times. We have met these characters in the first book, and while book one was from Jeff’s perspective, this one gives us Braeden’s POV. I do recommend reading this book, especially to those who love a great YA novel that has depth, emotion, and wonderful characters grappling with ‘life’, right on the cusp of adulthood. Thank you, Ms. Huesmann!

Good Reading
Written by Kenneth on 24th Apr 2019

While this book was good reading it was to real and close to what happens in real life. Difficult to deal with.

Great book
Written by Abi on 24th Apr 2019

So excited when I saw there was the second book available and I downloaded and read it right away, great book

I think I got something in my eye
Written by Kindle Customer on 24th Apr 2019

The second book just exploded with a force I have not felt in a long time. The first book was good but I did not expect all this in the second, and books don't surprise me this much anymore. Wow, just really impressed with this author.

Another Stellar read!
Written by Lisa Helmick on 24th Apr 2019

I loved this book! I was so happy when i spotted it and couldn’t wait to get to it on my TBR. We meet up with the boys after “the incident” from the last book. This is Braedens story to tell and boy Oh boy it will keep you glued to this book. Prepare for late night reading. Braeden is somewhat questioning his path trying, to figure out answers and keep his home life afloat. How he balances everything is beyond me. Practice I guess. Jeff! Jeff! You impressed me immensely! I don’t want to say much but you are amazing! I was impressed with you in the last book and you just keep raising the bar! I had many emotions while reading this. I snickered, had a few tears, was worried and impressed. These two boys and (Maya) hold a special place in my heart. Being a teenager is hard enough..... This is the second in the series and I was pleased to enjoy reading the continuing story of Jeff and Braeden. Life is not going to be easy but their strength of character is impressive. I wonder what will happen after the summer is over? This story flows easily. I started this and struggled to put it down. I was thinking about these two even at work today. Trying to help them out with ideas. The characters are flawless and enjoyable to read about. Another stellar story by Deidre Huesmann.

Enjoyed reading this book....
Written by Laura on 24th Apr 2019

The story Yearning Young (Burning Britely Book 2) by Deidre Huesmann is a book that I enjoyed reading. It is a story that includes powerful and raw emotions. My emotions were going up and down the entire time. I enjoyed reading it just as much as the first book in the series. The story is told from Braeden’s POV. Braeden is a character that I could empathize and sympathize with. He is at times confused with his feelings, angry, upset, and feels guilt. Braeden is a character that I grew to care about in the first book and this story will have you wanting him to find happiness. He is a young man who has had to grow up fast. He is also protective of those he cares for. He has parents that are not the best role models. This story also has his connection with Jeff Young growing deeper. These two have an attraction to each other. Always believing that he was straight Braeden is not sure what is supposed to come next in his relationship with Jeff. What happens next in their relationship? What does the future hold for Braeden? Read this book to find out. There are intense scenes and dialogue in this story. My heart went out to Braeden and there are times when you just wish you could solve all of his problems. This is a book that once I started, I didn’t want to put down. I got lost in the story. I also enjoyed reading about Jeff. He is a young man who while he was bullied and beaten in the past, is now showing more confidence. There are other characters that you read about. Some of them have been brought forward from the first book and others you are introduced to. Some of them are manipulative and others are friendly to Braeden. This story deals with issues that are heartbreaking. Don’t miss out on the continuing story of Braeden and Jeff. I highly recommend reading it.