C.L. Marin

C.L.Marin has worn many hats in her life—dog washer, bank teller, and lifeguard for handicap children to name a few—but she found a career after graduating from the Indiana University School of Dentistry as a dental hygienist. It was after a few years of cleaning teeth that she discovered her passion for writing. With the same tenacious determination she used to get through dental school, she completed, polished, pimped out and signed a contract for her first novel to be published by Evernight Teen in March 2015. She now knows being an author is her calling.

C.L.Marin is married to the love of her life, and is the mother of three of the most intelligent and gorgeous kids she knows. In addition to her hobbies of being an amateur chef, mediocre sports photographer for her son’s baseball team, and an outstanding singer in the front seat of her car, she has been a practicing Wiccan for over twenty years. She does, however, admit to being the ‘Christmas Catholic’ of witches for the last few of those twenty years. C.L.Marin has plans for two subsequent novels—Mother and Crone—to follow soon.