Cassandra Jamison

Cassandra Jamison has been writing ever since the first moment she was handed a notebook and a pen. From that day on, her world immediately split into two. Her first world is one of books. She found herself constantly dreaming up cool new places that were slightly more eccentric, though still just as real as her own. Books about unexpected heroes and the women who adore them, along with tales of those damsels strong and brave enough to save themselves. She loves creating sweet romances embellished with wit and sarcasm, as well as the darker suspense that keep you up all night long, while promising yourself “just one more chapter”.
Her second world is slightly less whimsical, but just as fulfilling. Being the middle child in a family of three sisters, Cassandra grew up on Long Island, NY until she got married and endured major culture shock when she moved to the small town of Sterling, CO. There she resides with her husband of seven years and two little ones, where she is both a full-time writer and an even fuller-time stay-at-home mom.