Priestess by Deidre Huesmann

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A Modern Greek Myth, 2

Trapped on Mykonos, Azalee makes a deal with a god of death: find him Desdemona, and he’ll bring Joel, the love of her life, back to her. But her attempts are thwarted at every turn by an infuriating High Priestess, who touts great political pull and seems to have sinister plans for Azalee’s future.

Shipped back to Illyria, Joel is imprisoned beneath the Kurios’s quarters, where he’s unwittingly reunited with his dangerous elder brother, Deimos. Joel wants to rescue Azalee, but Deimos is determined to prove that Joel must break his pacifism to do it.

Though on opposite ends of Greece, Azalee and Joel’s decisions continue to twine across the threads of fate. Will fate bring them together, or are they destined to remain apart?

14+ due to violence and adult situations


The girl pointed down at her feet. When Azalee looked, she saw nothing.

Then she lifted her right foot. On her heel was a stark black tattoo that had not been there that morning. The image confused her: a stick with one end curved inward, and what looked to be a flame burning up into the curve.

She looked back to the fleecy-haired girl. “I don’t understand.”

The girl swallowed and said, “You have been marked by a shunned god.” Before Azalee could fumble up an answer, the girl gasped. “I must go!”


But the girl bolted, and she was fast. Azalee gave chase, but once she turned a corner, the girl and her fluffy cloud of hair had vanished.

Groaning, Azalee leaned against the cool, jagged wall of lodestone behind her. Priestesses filed past, none of them looking her in the eye.

As though they knew.

Everyone knew.

Curse you to the Fields of Punishment, Thanatos. Were the ethereal deity nearby, she would have exploded with each and every profanity under the skies.

Azalee pushed away from the wall and fled for the common bedroom. She needed out. Immediately.

Yet she knew if she were to flee, she needed something to protect herself from the sun. A blanket, a sheet, more chitons—anything to cover her body.

Before she reached the threshold, she caught sight of the High Priestess. The woman strode calmly toward her, head held high. Her mouth remained a straight, prideful line.

Cursing inwardly, Azalee forced her steps to soften and slow. Maybe she was lucky, and the girl hadn’t reported her new marking.

Azalee kicked her right foot a little higher under her chiton than necessary, hoping to hide her strange new tattoo. She sat on the bed, the soles of her feet firmly on the ground, and pulled back the covers. A few other priestesses milled about as they tidied the room.

The High Priestess approached her. “Azalee.”

Azalee glanced up, trying to keep her expression neutral. “Yes, High Priestess?”

The High Priestess’s eyes remained cool and opaque. “Theseus says your conversation was not as productive as he’d hoped.”

Her fingers curled around her pillow. Azalee said tightly, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“You do, of course, realize how beneficial a husband of his standing on the island might be?”

Warmth erupted in Azalee’s ears. How is that your business? She struggled to keep a polite tone. “I would rather remain pious to Selene.”

The High Priestess shook her head. She turned and started to walk away, but paused when two women barely older than Azalee approached.

“Take our Blistered child to the Box.”

Azalee leaped to her feet, but someone grabbed her from behind before she could defend herself. Within seconds, three priestesses had hold of her while a fourth bound her ankles and wrists with loosely woven cloth.

“What are you doing?” she cried.

The High Priestess loudly announced, “Unfortunately, our blessed Blistered child has tainted the scrying pool. As punishment, she shall spend a day in Apollo’s Box.”

Azalee’s stomach plummeted. She had no idea what that was, but the High Priestess’s tone promised it would not be a pleasant experience. When she opened her mouth to protest, someone from behind pulled a thick strip of cloth through her teeth. The knot tightened behind her head tore out strands of her hair.

The High Priestess leaned in close, resting a hand on Azalee’s shoulder so she could whisper into her ear. “We shall see how you feel about Our Son of Mykonos once you spend a summer’s day sweating yourself into a delirium.”

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Position vs. Love
Written by The Wayfaring Bibliomaniac on 15th Oct 2017

Azalee is now feeling the weight of what her situation entails among her people. She has to decide which parts of her life are worth sacrificing and what she needs to hold onto for her own sanity. I can't wait to see what comes next and if she and Joel make it through.

I was excited to read Priestess and find out what happened next!
Written by Frances O'Sullivan on 15th Oct 2017

Priestess is the second book in Huesmann's A Modern Greek Myth series. At the end of the first book, Blistered, the readers were left on a cliffhanger so I was excited to read Priestess and find out what happened next! At the end of Blistered, our main trio of Azalee, Joel and Niribelle have been separated after reaching what seemed to be the end of their journey. Azalee, the protagonist whose blistered skin means the slightest exposure to the sun could be fatal, has found her place at a temple to Selene, goddess of the moon, but is already getting into trouble with the strict rules imposed and enforced by the High Priestess. Joel is imprisoned on board a ship returning him to his homeland, awaiting his punishment for helping Azalee. And Niribelle has been punished in some way for her involvement in Azalee's escape, but the reader doesn't​ get to see anything from her point of view for several chapters. In Priestess, Azalee (and therefore the reader) discovers more about what she, and others, can do. Joel and Niribelle also both push the limits of what they were able (and willing) to do, forced by the desperation of their situations and the strong emotions that guide their actions. A big theme in Priestess is corruption, and we see a lot of authority figures abusing their power to get what they want. But even the good guys can be seen manipulating others to achieve their goals. It’s all a big moral grey area as the war between the gods seeps into the mortal world. I found this a bit uncomfortable at times but it was also pretty exciting to have my expectations of how certain characters would behave undermined! I give this book four out of five points. I’d recommend it to fans of greek mythology, urban fantasy and young adult fantasy. You definitely want to read the books in order as they will make a lot more sense that way and you’ll be able to appreciate the cliffhangers at the end of each book!

Strong Greek myth themed young adult series; thoroughly enjoyed!
Written by Heather B on 15th Oct 2017

The second book in the A Modern Greek Myth series, by Deidre Huesmann, is Priestess. This is a Teen & Young Adult fantasy romance themed story. The author continues with the unique intermixing of Greek mythology within this book with a very well written story that progresses with the characters we met in the first book, as well as, additional characters that have now been introduced. Azalee continues to grow with her character in this second book, as she proceeds on her journey to find herself and where she belongs. However, her journey is not without obstacles and sacrifices to obtain what she is seeking. Life altering decisions lay ahead for her, but will she be able to make the choice that will give her the outcome she desires? Joel was Azalee's protector in the first book and we see that drive in this story despite the circumstances that fate currently has in place. He pushes to find resolution and encounters similar types of obstacles and choices, as Azalee has – though they are certainly not the same. I have come to love Azalee and Joel's characters in this series, as well as, the supporting characters that are introduced. The author has done a remarkable job in continuing the story's theme while pushing further character development. It's edge of your seat reading and a great story plot. I was surprised I have enjoyed this series as much as I have and would highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys a solidly written young adult story with a fantasy theme intertwined.

Long and Short Reviews
Written by Poinsettia on 14th Aug 2017

Can Azalee trust the gods? The fates brought Azalee and Joel together, but now everyone seems to be conspiring to keep them apart. Determined to be reunited with Joel, Azalee makes a deal with Thanatos, a god of death. I was wary of this relationship from the start. The gods always seem to have ulterior motives and aren’t often concerned with the mortals they hurt along the way. Will Thanatos truly bring Azalee and Joel together, or will the gods continue to keep them apart? I must mention that Priestess picks up where the first book, Blistered, ended. To enjoy Azalee and Joel’s story, I recommend reading Blistered first. When I finished Blistered, Joel and Azalee’s situation was far from ideal, but they seemed sure they would soon find their way back to each other. However, in this installment, things have quickly gone from bad to worse. Joel is imprisoned in a cell similar to the one he rescued Azalee from with one key difference. His brother Deimos is in the cell across from his. I’m not quite sure what to make of Deimos. He certainly has a colorful personality. Charming and flippant one moment, and deadly serious the next. I have a feeling that Deimos’ attitude is a front that masks deeper issues. Joel doesn’t have good memories of him, but I’m wondering if there is more to the story that Joel remembers or knows. I look forward to watching the brothers reconnect. Niribelle has also been harshly punished for failing her mission. While I can’t say that I’ve grown to like her, I do actually feel bad for her now that I know more about her situation and family life. I will say that Niribelle provides a shocking plot twist, that I’m sure will come back to haunt her in some way. When Azalee reaches the temple of Selene, it isn’t what she expected at all. The High Priestess takes an immediate and intense disliking toward Azalee. The priestesses are strongly discouraged from making friends with each other. I found this strange and very unsettling. However, Azalee does manage to make one friend, Emilia. Azalee and Emilia both know that something is wrong at the temple, and it has something to do with the High Priestess. Neither can figure out exactly what the problem is. One thing is certain. Azalee had a very strong connection with Selene before coming to the temple. It stands to reason her connection should be stronger at the temple, but once there, she can’t seem to hear the goddess at all. What is blocking Selene from communicating with her priestesses? As if dealing with the vicious High Priestess wasn’t bad enough, Azalee also has to fend off the unwanted attention of Theseus, a very rich and powerful man. Theseus believes that if he and Azalee were to have a child, it would bring strength and peace to the Chertz people. Theseus is vain, selfish, and arrogant, and it would be very easy to write him off. However, the more I read, I think there is more to his character that has yet to be revealed. He treats Azalee terribly at times, but however misguided his actions are, I think he truly believes he is doing the right thing for the Chertzes. Azalee and Joel’s situation is even more precarious at the end of this installment than it was at the end of the first. They are desperately trying to reach each other, but there are so many obstacles standing in their way. I fear they have a long hard road to travel before they will finally be able to be together. However, I’m still holding out hope that they will find their way to a happy ending. I eagerly anticipate reading the third and final book in this series!

Deals with gods, imprisoned lovers, and life in the Temple
Written by Italia Franson on 28th Mar 2017

Priestess by Deidre Huesmann receives 4 stars from me. Priestess is the second book in the Modern Greek Myth series. I highly recommend reading the first book which is Blistered. This book stars the usual characters Azalee, Joel, Niribelle along with some new faces. Joel has succeeded in bringing Azalee to Mykonos, she is trapped there in the Temple of Selene. Azalee meets Thanatos shortly after arriving to the Temple. Thanatos is the one of the gods of Death, he needs her help to find the love of his life Desdemona. She has met who Desdemona is now in this lifetime and has to figure out how she will leave Mykonos to get to modern day Athens. If she upholds her side of the bargain Thanatos will give Azalee the love of her life Joel back to her. During her stay in the Temple Azalee does not quite get along with the High Priestess Hage. The Temple is already hard to get used to, all these rules and Azalee finds herself being lonelier than when she was imprisoned underground in Illyria. While Azalee is trying to find a way out of the temple Joel has been shipped back to Illyria. Upon arrival Joel is deemed a traitor and is imprisoned beneath the Kurio’s quarters. Once situated in his new home, his cell, Joel finds out he is not the only prisoner down there. Being reunited with family should be joyous no matter the circumstances…. However, Joel does not have much love for his dangerous older brother Deimos who is a warrior. Can Joel escape his prison with his brothers help? Can Azalee come through on her bargain with Thanatos? Will Azalee and Joel be able to determine their own fate and be together? Find out by reading Priestess.

She wrote a good story that clearly leads off from the first book ...
Written by donnaitaly on 28th Mar 2017

“Priestess: A Modern Day Greek Myth, 2” is written by Deidre Huesman. She wrote a good story that clearly leads off from the first book which I did read. This story continues a tale of fantasy and events that are unique and filled with adventure and action to keep everyone turning the pages. It’s also a young adult story that captures the mind of someone who has fresh and inventive thoughts about the world around them. I liked this story for myself because it was something light to read that wasn’t part of the real world. Everyone needs a little fantasy to get lost in and this books does it. I believe that Azalee is one of the main characters. Azalee finds herself captured once again but it’s nothing which she can not withstand. She will do whatever it takes to get a special back in her life. Deals will be made. Consequences will be faced. Joel is another important character in this book but in this series. He will also face consequences to obtain who or what he wants in the world of fantasy, magic, worldly powers, a time where the gods were all important. I enjoyed reading this story to find out if fate was going to win and bring two people together or that they would go their separate ways. I also found that in reading this story that there moments of deception, desperation, and and courage from certain people in the story. I am giving this story 4 stars. I do believe inorder to fully appreciate this story that the reader would have to read the first story.

a captivating story
Written by Caramel Curlz & Swirls on 28th Mar 2017

This is the second installment in this amazingly very well written series by Author Deidre Huesmann and this is my four star review!. This book begins where the first installment, “Blistered” ended. Therefore, I highly recommend you read the series in the correct order so that you may enjoy the series to its fullest. But I also recommend this because several characters from the first book appear again in this second installment. In this story you will find action, love, betrayal but most of all, determination. And let’s not forget that you will find a large dose of drama, which is what every young adult book should have. Azalee is determined to be with Joel again at any cost, which is what leads her to strike a deal with the God of Death. Azalee’s task is not an ordinary nor an easy one, she has to find Desdemona for him and in return, the God of Death will bring Joel back. This is a great story with a nice steady pace. Both Joel and Azalee are very strong characters and you will clearly see the development of their characters as you read the story. Both, Azalee and Joel are constantly being challenged by some very powerful characters. The question is, will their love and determination survive these strong forces? or will Azalee and Joel give up as they discover new betrayals regardless as to their new alliances? Will Joel and Azalee go their separate ways? Joel and Azalee’s story continues in the third installment!

Fight to the end to be one or give in to the will of the gods.....
Written by Blacsand on 28th Mar 2017

Well dang, one moment I picked up this book to start reading and the next I was finished. That's how good of a read Priestess (A Modern Greek Myth Book 2), by Deidre Huesmann was. We pick up after the events of Book 1 and Azalee and Joel are doing their best to get back to each other, but of course they are blocked at almost every turn. Until Azalee gets assistance by making a deal with the god of peaceful death and Joel gets the unexpected, and almost unwanted, assistance of his older brother Deimos. Along the way we find a new friend, Emilia, and we learn the fate of Niribelle after she failed to woo Joel. Niribelle shows a side of herself that I wasn't expecting. I knew she was petty and childish, (yes I know that she is a young teen yet childish still applies), but did not think she was capable of the move she pulls in this book. Then again, considering who her father is, I guess I should not have been too surprised. And of course her true colors shine through again with her actions afterwards. The personal growth of the Joel and Azalee warms my heart. They have faced so much already and what they have to endure in this storyline is just crazy. I'm apparently selfish because I want Azalee and Joel to say "screw you fate, let us be!" To know that your union is destined to bring on war, that pretty much no one has your back, and that if the world has it's way you'll be forever separated from your true love… well that is enough to make a person throw up their hands, bite their thumb at the world, and join a Monastery! As for the storyline, yet again the blend of modern times with Greek Mythology is just spectacular. Huesmann does a wonderful job of telling ancient stories with a modern-day twist without taking away from the original tales. The story is fast paced, drama packed, and gripping. I look forward to the third book and finding out which road Azalee and Joel take. Fight to the end to be one or give in to the will of the gods and throw youthful love to the curb. I give this story 4 out of 5 stars.

Amazing read!
Written by AkitaObsessed on 28th Mar 2017

Priestess (A Modern Greek Myth Book 2) by Deidre Huesmann is the second book of the Modern Greek Myth series that I gave 4 out of 5 stars. This novel continues where Book 1 left off, and delves deeper into the world of Greek fantasy. This book has it all: action, adventure, romance, suspense. Azalee is now alone, separated from Joel, and afraid for what is to come. Desperate to reunite with him, she makes a deal with the devil- the God of Death. If she is successful at her mission, he will break Joel free from his imprisonment and bring him to Azalee. But her mission, to bring him Desdemona, will not be easy as the High Priestess has her own plans for Azalee. How will she escape the temple and wrath of the High Priestess to complete this perilous mission? Meanwhile Joel is imprisoned with his morally challenged older brother, who is unafraid to wreak havoc to get what he wants in life. All Joel can think about is breaking free to rescue his Azalee. He promised to always protect her, and feels like he has failed her. His brother, Deimos, attempts to convince him that violence is the answer. He tries to convince Joel that if he truly wants something, he must do anything in his power to get it-no limits, boundaries, or rules. Azalee and Joel face an uncertain future while trying to fight their ways back to each other. Will they reunite? What will be the cost? This was an amazing follow up to Book 1! From start to finish, it was action packed. All the characters are well developed, and the Greek mythology is fascinating to read. Can’t wait to read more fantastical adventures from this author!

A great fantasy series for young and old
Written by ERIN E WOLF on 28th Mar 2017

I give Priestess (book 2 in A Modern Greek Myth series) by Deidre Hues Mann five stars. This review may contain spoilers from book 1. Azalee has finally made it to where she has been dreaming of, Mykonos. It is the place of her people, where she’d finally belong. But it nothing like she dreamed of. The High Priestess of the Temple is selfish and seems to have her own plans. The moon mother does not speak to her, and she lives in complete luxury which is not their way. Then there is the man that wants to marry her. He is selfish and thinks very highly of himself. And the whole purpose of the marriage would be for her to carry his child, it would be a marriage of convenience, not love. But this is not what Azalee wants. She needs to get out of here and find Joel. She makes a deal with a “tainted god” to help her. But is there more to the request he asks of her? Somethings warns hers maybe this is a bad idea. But what choice does she have? Joel has been imprisoned for helping Azalee. He promised her he would come get her, but it seems hopeless now. Then he meets someone in prison that just may be his ally in escaping. Will they be able to escape and get away? Even if they do, they will be hunted for quite a while. Will he be able to reach Azalee? It seems like he may have help from usual places. I enjoy this series. The second book continues the story of the first and is done quite well. Not only are Azalee and Joel quite interesting, the secondary characters play a huge role in the story. There is so much going on, you will not want to put the book down. It is quite interesting how they mix both ancient Greek myth and modern life. And it is done seamlessly. I highly recommend this book for fantasy lovers, both young and old.

Azalee and Joel have been captured and are starting to realize the bad situation there are now in
Written by M. Schaub on 20th Feb 2017

4 Stars **** Priestess by Deidre Huesmann is the second book in her Modern Greek Myth book and you definitely need to read the first book before this one. This book picks up where book one leaves off, Azalee and Joel have been captured and are starting to realize the bad situation there are now in. This book has the Greek mythology that I love mixed with action, deception, desperation, and courage all with a modern twist. Azalee wakes up in Mykonos and is now being called “Blistered Child”; to her this is a curse but to everyone around her seems to think that she is blessed. She has no idea what happened to Joel, Theseus has a sudden fascination with her and Thanatos wants her to do his bidding. There is so much that she does not understand but the only thing that matters to her is finding Joel. Joel is being held in a prison under Kurios’s bedroom and has no idea what happened to Azalee, but he does know that he threw Niribelle under the bus. He is unsure what his future holds and when he finds himself in the cell next to his long lost brother. Dimitris is now on a mission to teach Joel that if he wants to survive and get Azalee back he must be willing to fight and possibly kill to get what he wants. Will these to be able to find each other in the craziness that is now there life? Will Azalee be able to keep up with everyone puling her in different directions? Okay so Azalee is starting to grow on me a little bit more. I was hesitant with her in the first book but I think she is getting better. I really like Joel still, I think he is a wholesome guy, even if he is a little shy and scared at times. Dimitris is an interesting character that I hope we get to learn more about in the next book. I will be recommending this book to friends that enjoy a good cliffhanger.

Holy Smokes!! Great Book!
Written by Lisa Helmick on 20th Feb 2017

Priestess by Deidre Huesmann. Rated 5 Stars Holy smokes! This book was awesome! It is the second book of this series and I would recommend you read the first one (Blistered) before reading this one. Many of the same characters along with some new ones are in this book. It is almost completely packed with action or near action. Meaning something is always happening or going to happen soon. The story picks up right after the first book ends and takes off from there. Azalee and Joel are running separate stories in most of the book. Azalee is in Mykonos starting her term as a priestess in the Temple of Selene. Joel is on a ship headed back to Illyrian, along with Niribelle, to get his sentence for being a Traitor. Of course their main goal is to find their way back to each other but will they accomplish it? Azalee has many many things happen to her. The great news is she has an amazing supporting cast as she moves along. She makes a deal with Thanatos, God of Peaceful Death, to bring Joel back to her as long as she helps him find Desdemona. While that is happening she makes a friend at the Temple of Selene while trying to dissuade Theseus in his suit of her. Literally in the first few chapters of this book Azalee has already encountered a God, irritated the high priestess and Theseus and kinda made a friend. She is a strong character with good motives. I can't wait to see what's in store for her next. Joel, who is very passive, finds himself on his way back to Illyria to be imprisoned for being a traitor. In the dungeon he finds his dangerous older brother, Deimos. His brother thinks Joel needs to be less passive if he plans on saving Azalee. Joel, Deimos and Niribelle all end up together and start working their way across Greece to get to Azalee, who is on the other side. Joel's character seems kind and a little wimpy but when circumstances arise he seems to be strong. Azalee likes the softer side of him not sure what she will think of a warrior-like Joel. Only time and the next book will tell. I look forward to reading it.

Blistered and you will love what the author does with them in this story ...
Written by Bobbi Jo Wagner on 20th Feb 2017

Priestess (A Modern Greek Myth Book 2) by Deidre Huesmann is the second book in the A Modern Greek Myth series. This story has a little bit of everything in it, anything from romance to excitement to suspense. We were introduced to a few of these characters in the first book, Blistered and you will love what the author does with them in this story too. This story is what a fantasy story should be. The author has created twists and turns that you won't see coming. These characters will pull you into their world and you will feel like you are right there with them. Find out what happens to these characters as their story continues in this story. In the first book Azalee was going to Mykonos, in this story she has made it there but now is trapped there. What will she do when she is given a few different choices, which will she choose? What will happen when she makes a deal with the god of death? All she wants to do is to be with the love of her life and he is promising that? The high priestess is trying to stand in her way at every turn. Does the high priestess have different plans for her future? In this story Joel is the one being held prisoner under the Kurio's quarters. This is where he is reunited with his brother. He is determined to save her, to protect her. But will his brother allow that to happen? What rules will he have to break in order to save her? What will have in store for them? Will fate allow them to be together or is it determined to keep them apart? You will love how these two connect even though they are miles apart. How far will they go to be together? This is my second story by Deidre Huesmann and it won't be the last. I cannot wait to see if there is a third story to this series. Deidre works in her local shipyard, dressed all in safety gear and getting her hands dirty. When she isn't in the shipyard or writing you can usually find her catching up on her reading, kicking it with her children and playing video games. Once again this author has created a story that will keep you turning page after page. These characters will pull you into their lives as their story pops off the pages. You will need to see what happens at the end of this story. I highly suggest this story as I know you will enjoy this fantasy journey as much as I have.