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EDITOR'S PICK: A Mad Awakening

The dead are meant to stay dead. Eighteen-year-old Albert Frank Young knows because he’s one of them. He had his life planned out with intentions of attending college in the fall with his brilliant girlfriend, Mary Shelley. What he didn’t plan for? Dying before his dreams were realized.Over the course of one night, his life, and Mary’s, change forever. Mary’s brilliance quickly turns into a madden…


Coming January 14th to Evernight TeenAwareness by Amanda LanceEighteen-year-old aspiring painter Eliza Harper doesn’t believe in hell. When she wakes up in the middle of surgery, however, she learns just how wrong she was.After attending a party with her three best friends, the night ends in a terrible accident that puts Eliza on an operating table. Awake yet paralyzed, in a condition known as ane…