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The Reality of Teen Dating Violence

The Reality of Teen Dating ViolenceThoughts from Christine Doré Miller...It’s been years since my abusive relationship ended. 18 years to be exact. I was a teenager then, when my high school boyfriend and I officially parted ways as we headed to different colleges. But it wasn’t the storybook young lover saga I’d so desperately craved as a hopeless romantic teen. It was sad, confusing, a…

Diagnosis NOPE!!

Diagnosis NOPE!! Why Neurodiversity is Crucial in YA FictionThoughts from Deidre Huesmann...“You’re just lazy.”“Stop procrastinating. This is why you’re failing school!”“You don’t have anxiety, all teenagers are dramatic.”“ADHD? I doubt it. More likely, you weren’t disciplined enough as a child.”“What do you have to be depressed about? Your teen years are golden.”“Stop faking it!”“You just wa…