K.H. Mezek

K. H. Mezek is the official transcriber of the International Order of Denizens and the Preserver of the Library of Tao. Mezek travels extensively and has lived in many locations but is originally from Kharkhorin, Ovorhangay, Mongolia. This is where the IOD holds its annual council and the Library of Tao is kept. Mezek’s writing method hasn’t changed since the 15th century, however, there are places on the internet where a curious mind may find information, such as: https://khmezek.wordpress.com/ , created by Karen Hunt, with Mezek’s permission.


Karen Hunt is the author and/or illustrator of nineteen children’s books and the co-founder of InsideOUT Writers, a creative writing program for incarcerated youth in Los Angeles. She is a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, a first degree brown belt in Eskrima, and a boxing and kick-boxing trainer. As a child, she and her family escaped out of Egypt right before the 6 Day War, lived in a 17th century castle in Switzerland and smuggled Bibles into communist countries, to name a few of her adventures. As an adult, she lived between London and a village in Yugoslavia. She is an advocate of incarcerated youth and fights for their voices to be heard. This, in part, is why she teamed with K. H. Mezek on the NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES.  

You can find out more about Hunt’s travels at: Karenalainehunt’s Blog at http://khmezek.com/