The Broken Rivalry by Christine Rees

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Hidden Legacy, 2

Fight the Fear...

Faye Lithyer talks to the dead, has visions of people dying, and speaks telepathically with those who share her powers. When she is drawn to others with unique abilities, Faye finally feels like she belongs somewhere. She is one of ten Bloodline Legacies—people who have carried powers down for generations through their genetic makeup.

To better understand their ever-mutating abilities, the Bloodline Legacies hunt down the Book of the Ancestors, which leads Faye to uncover the truth about her birth and the toll these uncontrollable gifts take. Now, Faye and her friends are more at risk than ever.

Family secrets, forbidden romance, and the Seekers of Evil threaten to tear their band of misfits apart. When Bloodline Legacies go missing, Faye is ready to do whatever it takes to keep her new friends safe. But can she stop the disappearances and rescue her friends before they start turning up dead?

14+ due to adult situations



My wracked nerves sent butterflies stirring around my stomach.


I assumed it was from acting as bait tonight, but, if I was being honest, I wasn’t entirely convinced why I was nervous. I did suspect that one reason sat a few feet away on the sofa. His dark eyes trailed my every movement. The thought should have made me uneasy, but it didn’t. Not exactly. It only tightened the coil forming in my chest, waiting to burst.


When I couldn’t feel that way, not about him.


It was forbidden.


And unrequited.


It could get us both killed.




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The TBR Pile
Written by Christine on 13th Jul 2020

We’re back in Christine Ree’s world! Faye has the curse of premonition and it’s given her nothing but trouble. In the Hidden Legacy, Faye must embrace her gifts to save a friend’s life. In this second book, we come back almost to where we left off. Faye and her friends are hunting down The Book of the Ancestors to find answers but it only brings them more trouble. I loved this book! The action was just completely on point. There’s a great balance of story adventure, world building, romance and characters growth. Faye continues to be an awesome heroine. She’s not perfect and that’s what I love about her. She’s even got a little romance developing. I really liked the addiction of the Book of Ancestors. It just adds to the history that the author created. The ending is a cliffhanger and I cannot wait to read more!

5 stars
Written by —Award-winning author Caroline George, The Vestige on 10th Jan 2020

“YA indulgence deserving a YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO PUT THIS DOWN warning label.”

5 stars
Written by —Bestselling author Mallory McCartney, Heir of Lies (Black Dawn Series) on 10th Jan 2020

“Twilight meets X-Men in a very, very good way!”

5 stars
Written by —Author Ryan Jones, More Than Us on 10th Jan 2020

“This book gives me Percy Jackson vibes, only witchier.”

5 stars
Written by —Author Bridie Blake, Until You on 10th Jan 2020

An action-packed adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat with its twists and turns and many secrets.”