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Memory Walker by Carly Marino


Product Description

Inflexaen, 1

Imagine having the power to view someone's past at the briefest touch of their skin. 

During freshman year, seventeen-year-old Thea Scott developed the suckiest burden ever. At the slightest brush of a person’s skin, she’s forced to walk in their memories. She’d give anything to get rid of this uncontrollable ability. When breathtakingly gorgeous Cole Conway strolls through the auditorium doors and she faints, literally, he acts like he knows her secret. The last thing she wants is to end up in a lab with her brain in a jar, so she decides to use her ability to enter his memories. 

Cole unveils out-of-this-world dangers she never imagined existed. Even worse, her own past is her greatest fear. The deeper she falls, the more turmoil and heartbreak she crashes into. Dreams of fitting in dissolve when she must protect herself from things far more terrifying than high school rumors.

14+ adult situations



Principal Warren coughed. “Good afternoon. This year the administration and I have decided…”


My stomach rocked with queasiness, but not from nerves. From something else. I swallowed the saliva gagging the back of my throat and bent my knuckles to calm the quiver in my hands, digging my fingernails into my thighs.


I couldn’t breathe.


Warm droplets trickled into my eyes, and cold and hot shivers rippled through my skin. My teeth chattered. Was I getting the flu? I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been sick. At least not like this. I hadn’t eaten lunch so it couldn’t be food poisoning. I cupped my forehead in hopes to stop the constant spinning. I had to get out of there. My cheeks puffed, holding in what I feared was coming. Throwing up on the guy in front of me would add more crazy to the ever-growing rumor pile.


My gaze reached the exit sign above the auditorium doors, and they swung open. A handsome guy strolled inside, and like a bucket of cool water dousing a fire, my sickness washed away and my vision cleared, zeroing in on him. He had to be new. There was no way I would’ve gone three years without noticing him.


His light-gray shirt highlighted his long, muscular upper body. A sexy mess of chestnut-brown waves hung to his chin, and his intentional five o’clock shadow and thick dark eyebrows gave him a bad-boy kind of look. But the slight squint of his bluish-green eyes had a shyness to them. Something sweet and caring hid behind his rugged features. He slid a hand into the front pocket of his frayed dark jeans, his stare traveling the stadium seating.


Even a girl like me, who’d sworn off guys, could admit he was undeniably H-O-T, all in caps and written twice. Maybe even three times.


A quick tug on my sleeve made me yelp.


Principal Warren narrowed his eyes in our direction, and I covered the flush heating my cheeks, slinking lower in my chair.


He cleared his throat, again. “As I was saying…”


I glared at Wynter, and she motioned with her head toward the door. “Cole Conway.”


Cole ambled past the stage, not seeming to care what anyone thought, or that he had interrupted the principal’s speech. Not that Principal Warren even seemed to notice. He flipped one of his note cards and continued talking about student activities.


“Cole Conway?” I asked.


“I saw him registering with Miss Rachel this morning. He’s crazy hot.” She glanced at Ethan. “Second to Ethan, of course.”


“Of course,” I muttered and lifted slightly in my chair to get a better look. Another wave of nausea crashed into me, swaying me to the side. The far end of the auditorium flickered like an old TV fighting to get a signal. I blinked away my sickness-induced haze, and Cole came into view.


A girl with warm-brown skin and a ponytail of black dreadlocks appeared and hugged him. She crossed her arms and rested against the wall. Beside her, a guy with a faded haircut, dressed in a navy-blue button down and black jeans, didn’t budge or greet them. He shared the girl’s burnt sienna undertones, rounded nose, and gunmetal-blue eyes. He was cute but didn’t even come close to Cole.


“Do you know the people he’s with? Are they new, too?” I asked Wynter without taking my eyes off them.


“You’re kidding?” Ethan interrupted. “Nora and Drake moved here sophomore year.”




Wynter cast a look in my direction. “Their parents traveled a lot so they missed a ton of school. When they were here, they kept to themselves. I talk to everyone, and I’ve maybe said a handful of words to them.”


Wynter wasn’t joking. She had the inside-outs of every important person in our school. Though after my freshman incident, her queen bee status dropped a few levels and Tatum took over.


“Thanks, everyone. Have a great week. Oh, and go Birds!” the principal finished.


Laughter and jabber filled the room, and another tap on the microphone did little to quiet the conversations. “Get home safely, everyone,” Miss Rachel said, “and Ethan, please meet me in the office.”


Ethan groaned. “Looks like my ex-mom had a chat with Mr. Barbosa.”


“Just tell her it was my fault,” I said.


He grinned. “Nah, I kinda like pissing her off. Keeps her on her toes.”


I rolled my eyes, and Wynter did the same. “Did you take Friday night off for Nora and Drake’s party? It’s going to be so lit.” Wynter shimmied. “And Thea’s going.”


“Finally,” Ethan chimed in, nudging Wynter with his elbow. “Can’t wait.”


“Yay,” I said in the most sarcastic voice I could muster.


I waited for the rows in front of us to empty. Wynter and Ethan whispered and giggled behind me, so I stared over heads at Nora and Drake.


Our high school had like three-hundred kids. I took mostly AP classes, but the possibility of us not bumping into each other, or me not knowing their names, was bizarre. Then again, I wasn’t itching to meet new people. At least not until…


I stepped into the aisle. Cole was lingering at the bottom of the stairs. His Caribbean sea-colored eyes linked with mine, stuttering my heart. I descended without breaking contact, and his mouth slowly tilted into a half-smile that brought a shiver to my shoulders.


White and blue stars flashed before me, followed by an intense lightheadedness. I sucked in a breath, my lashes fluttering like I was about to faint. I steadied myself on the back of a chair. Please, don’t tumble down the stairs. I’d be mortified. My blurred vision tunneled in on Cole’s face. He winked and walked out the door.


As if an invisible rope wrapped around my ribcage and jerked, I plunged forward. Screams echoed in my ears, and I wasn’t sure if they were mine or someone else’s. Pain shot up my spine as my arms and legs collided with unknown objects. Students caught me, their memories bombarding me, drowning me. I flailed to free myself from their pasts, but my head slammed into something, and I sank into darkness.


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Product Reviews

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  1. Love the characters and the storyline 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2018

    A totally different Urban Fantasy. Love the characters and the storyline. An intriguing twist of reality.

  2. Hanging off the edge of my seat 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2018

    This book hooked me from the first page. It has everything you look for in a book romance, mystery, danger, and suspense. I can't wait for the next book.

  3. New author for me 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2018

    Characters are likable. Thea and Cole are great together. I wasn't sure about Drake and Nora but Nora grew on me and Drake, oh Drake, sigh. Loved it when Logan came into the mix. The mystery surrounding Thea's life and power was a good one and wasn't revealed all at once. It was a bit of work to keep track of who was at full power and when especially when the action picked up. This wasn't a major issued though. Ended on a cliffhanger but I will be picking up the next one. I received an ebook and voluntarily posted this review of my honest opinion. This should be a 4.5 star.

  4. Suspense, romance, mystery and plot twists. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2018

    I received an ARC.
    Memory Walker
    This contains so many twist and turns it's easy to get lost. It's a story with a lot of background.
    Because of the tentative subject of memory, the MC has experienced and done things that they don't remember. This not only creates a complicated story, but hightens the intrigue.
    I'm a big fan of these types of romances, and this one is really exciting. Cole is held back by a past memory of love, but doesn't realise it's constricting his view of what is really in front of him. It's painful, but I like stories with that pain, becuase it makes it so much more rewarding when things are figured out.

    There are a lot of books like this around, but it's a unique take on the whole memory and fated soul mates. I like the incorporation of Greek myth into it as well.

    I both loved and hated the cliffhanger ending, and now I can't wait for the next book.

  5. like nothing I have ever read before! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2018

    It’s been a long time since I read a YA Paranormal that was so fresh and new and like nothing I have ever read before! I absolutely LOVED this book … until the end when I realized book two isn’t out yet and had to grit my teeth in frustration because I WANT IT NOW!!!
    Sorry, I was channeling Veruca Salt there.

    Seriously, though, this book went in a direction I didn’t expect. I can’t say what I expected or where it went without giving anything away. I will just say that it was a shocking surprise. And to learn everything Thea went through and still has to go through … I REALLY can’t wait for the journey. Pst … Marino, don’t leave me hanging for too long!

    OMG, my heart ached for Cole. This boy had to be so confused. I fell in love with his character right along with Thea. Then I got mad at him because, like all angst-ridden books, the guy just couldn’t wait around to COMMUNICATE! So much could have been prevented if he had just waited. Why, Cole, why?

    The minor characters were all diverse. Wynter and Ethan … oh man, I know things are going to get flipped around in next book for them. Then you have Nora and Drake—there is gonna be a lot of conflict there. Lastly, Logan … yeah, again, there’s gonna be a lot of conflict in the next book between characters.

    And I have to say the cover art is gorgeous! I also can’t wait to see the next cover.

  6. Opens up a whole new world of memory reading, mystery, danger, cover ups... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2018

    Thea is a senior in high school and can’t wait for the day she graduates so she can get on with her life. To Thea getting on with her life means not having to be around people for the rest of her life. Thea doesn’t like being around people because she doesn’t like being touched. When Thea touches someone or they touch her then she can read their memories and walking down the hall in high school during the changing of classes can he terrible for Thea with so many students.

    Then one day Cole enters into her life and he seems to know who and what she is but trying to get that information from him is sort of like pulling teeth. Besides Cole is the first person that she has come across whose memories she can read when she touches him. Cole is one mysterious guy who seems to know a lot more than he is willing to tell Thea. Who is this new guy? What is he hiding from her?

    Memory Walker is great introduction to the Inflexaen series. It opens up a whole new world of memory reading, mystery, danger, cover ups, lots of secrets and action around every corner. Memory Walker is a fast paced read that will keep you flipping the pages wanting more. Memory Walker takes you on a walk down Thea’s memory lane plus others too.

    Memory Walker introduced me to Thea, Cole, Nora, Drake and others to what they are capable of doing and it also gave me a lot of answers to their abilities and who they were it still left me with a lot of questions that I am sure is just a lead into the next book one in which I can’t wait to get my hands on. That ending just blew it out of the water so to speak I never saw it coming.

    If you like a little mystery, danger, secrets with lots of action in your life then you are going to love Memory Walker.

  7. What a page-turner! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2018

    With a diverse cast of characters and an evolving plot that keeps you guessing, Memory Walker is a refreshing sci-fi story that really draws you into the world without drowning you in terms. The story has unexpected twists and turns that make for a wild nail-biting ride with Thea and her friends. Cannot wait for a sequel!

  8. Great Book for psychic-power lovers 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2018

    When I began reading this book, I did not expect it to fill a hole for something I've been wanting to read for quiet awhile. Memory Walker is the first the book I've read in awhile that portrayed people with psychic powers (or in this case memory walking powers) in way that is new and fresh and unlike previous works. It is funny and serious, full of adventure, yet also filled with danger. I feel like there are so few books that even have psychics as main characters let alone as a main plot point, so I was surprised when I started reading this book. I've also been watching a lot of anime with psychics recently and I was feeling frustrated because I couldn't find a single book with a main character with these types of powers. Not only did the author deliver, but she did it in an excellent way that makes me sure to check out the next book in the series. If you love books filled with psychic powers, great characters, and romance that will leave you excited for more, this is the book for you!

  9. Great Start to a Series! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2018

    So this book sucked me in from page one, which has been hard to do lately, and largely held my attention thereafter. There were a lot of hints and build-ups that I thought I had figured out, but she always managed to surprise me. I was not quite invested in the romance for most of the book, mostly because I didn't love Cole. He did eventually grow on me, and I'm hoping to love him more in future installments. Over all, though, I really enjoyed this and am excited for the sequel! It will be going in my "rereadable" list for sure.
    If I had to compare this book to anything, it reminded me somewhat of a mix between Lux and Star-Crossed.

  10. Couldn’t put it down! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2018

    I LOVED the story and can’t wait for Book 2! As a busy mom, I usually can never find time to read, but this book kept me tuned in, and was such a page turner! I was transported to the setting each time I opened the pages and the characters stayed with me whenever I put the book down. Can’t wait for more!!!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 23 | Next

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