Inked by Chris Ledbetter

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You're not truly alive until you know what you would die for... 

Cameron Shade and Farrah Spangled survived a near-death experience together. Now, their us-against-the-world relationship thrives despite pressure from their families, as well as cultural and social obstacles. That is, until Farrah’s father ships her off to private boarding school in Virginia. 

Driven by unbearable aches of absence and longing, Cameron and Farrah are lured back inside the cursed sketchbook and the perilous Terra Sempre that siphoned their souls and almost cost them their lives. 

Undeterred by a gathering storm of threats and complications, Cameron and Farrah find unlikely allies in both realms, but what Cameron discovers in Terra Sempre might make him want to stay there forever. 

14+ due to adult situations and violence



Farrah’s face brightens like someone just handed her a winning lottery ticket. She beelines straight to the Converse All-Star low-tops. Some artist somewhere had an unrestrained field day creating this collection. The shades range from canary yellow and bubble gum pink to UNCW Seahawk teal. I can almost taste a York Peppermint Patty by looking at the cool mint-green shoes.

Farrah fondles a paint-splotched pair and wheels around. “Badass, huh?”

The store associate, a girl not much older than us, chimes in. “Yeah, until 1971 you could get any color, as long as you wanted black or white. But now, the All-Star universe is a Technicolor dream.”

I turn the splotched shoes over in my hand, thinking I could spill paint on these and no one could even tell. Then I see some straight awesomeness. “Andy Warhols?” I ask before my brain filters.

“We got them into this store not long ago.” The salesgirl tosses the graffiti-designed shoe to me. “You must be an artist.”


Farrah turns slowly, casting a sidelong glance at her. Then she glares at me, and then back to the salesgirl. Heat creeps up my neck. Farrah grabs a white All-Star hi-top with a Wonder Woman design on it. “Can I see these in a child’s six?”

“Those are hot,” I whisper.

Farrah mouths back, “Damn right.” A devilish grin creases her cheeks.

The salesgirl returns a moment later, removes the right shoe, and laces it.

“Sit down,” I say to Farrah. “I got this.” I beckon for the shoe from the sales associate. She obliges.

Farrah sits and slowly crosses her legs. I kneel before her, gazing into her intense blue eyes. Her cheeks flush as a stifled smile twists her lip at the corner. She finally breaks my gaze and drops her forehead into her hands, before driving her fingers back through her hair to get it off her face.

I cup the back of her heel, sliding my palm up her denim-clad calf. She bites her lip and casts a glare at me that says she’s probably going to kill me later. Or kiss me.

I slide her shoes off and place her sock-covered feet on my thighs. She wiggles her toes at me and smiles. Her high, freckle-laden cheekbones radiate a warm glow.

I slip the Wonder Woman All-Stars slowly onto her feet and tie them. “Your invisible plane awaits you, M’ lady.”

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Hard to put down!
Written by Melew7 on 9th Dec 2016

Just finished the much anticipated "Inked" and loved it! I only wish I'd had hard copy, for the literal page-turner experience. As I read, I felt like I could see TS. Simply amazing. Great job Chris Ledbetter- looking forward to reading more from your brilliant mind.

A Perfect Follow-up to DRAWN
Written by Elizabeth J. Tarry-crowe on 13th Jul 2016

Once again, Mr. Ledbetter has managed to concoct a beautiful young adult tale that combines fantasy and romance in a way that is un-put-downable. As the sequel to the compelling debut novel, DRAWN, Inked allows enough of the real world to creep in to Cameron Shade's and Farrah Spangled's lives to give their story a timely relevance. While the literary world is chock full of star-crossed lovers, this author uses art to allow them to be together, even when they're separated by miles and plenty of family-induced stigma. This unique twist makes both of these novels more than worth the purchase. The author has a deft hand with dialogue and sets scenes in a way that makes you feel as if you are inside them looking out. You should read DRAWN first in order to fully appreciate the amazing Terre Sempre world Mr. Ledbetter has created and then run, don't walk, to read INKED and see what happens next. A five star read for anyone who enjoys well-crafted fantasy with a dose of realistic young adult romance.