The Separation by Stormy Corrin Russell

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The Separation Trilogy, 1

In a world where men and women live on separate sides of a massive wall, seventeen-year-old misfit Eroyn Fairchild has always been too busy with her broken family to wonder why they live the way they do. 

When a man from the other side breaks through, Ero holds him hostage, hoping for a ransom large enough to pay for her Elder Grace’s treatment. Things get more complicated as the man is followed by two others who make Ero question everything she’s ever known about her life. 

As Ero searches for the truth, the lines between right and wrong blur, leaving her to choose between saving her city and saving herself.

14+ due to adult situations



One of the things I love about Grace is that she is the heaviest sleeper I know. So heavy, in fact, she doesn’t hear me dragging a thrashing body through the front door at two in the morning. For the first time in my life, I consider it lucky that we live on the outskirts of the north side. If we didn’t, I would never have been able to get it this far without attracting attention. A loud, confused sound starts to come from the net, so I kick it firmly.

“Shut up,” I hiss, looking around nervously. I’m not worried about Grace rousing, but I don’t want the neighbors waking up and noticing my noisy cargo. I kick twice more, as hard as I can. Silence, finally. With a sigh, I wipe my arm across my forehead, getting rid of the sweat beading there. I sink down on the couch, staring at the large lump inside the net on my living room floor, unblinking. Little red flowers are blooming all over the heavy white plastic, and they grow quickly. It’s blood, I realize with a sick feeling. It’s seeping through from the inside and leaking onto the clean white carpet of our house. It can’t be real. It just can’t be.

I see Almond cut across the room and sniff at the lump with caution. With one movement, I scoop him up and press him to my chest in horror. For the first time, I realize the danger of what I've just done. I’ve invited a monster into my house.

I’ve made a horrible, horrible mistake. And with my heart racing, I do the only thing I can think of: turn on the videophone and call Luna. When her end of the projection appears on the wall, her eyes are puffy and her hair in disarray.

“Ero, it’s two in the…”

“I know,” I whisper. “I need you. Now.” I can’t bring myself to explain this. I don’t think there are any words that could make her understand. Her eyes widen, but she asks no questions.

“Be there as soon as I can.” Her projected image sputters out on the wall. I stride back across the living room, staying against the wall farthest away from the netting, and open the door to the downstairs bathroom.

“You stay here,” I instruct Almond under my breath. I turn back toward the body on the floor. Next to the netting is my knife, which I took from the security station if only to make me feel safer. With quiet steps, I retrieve it and perch on the arm of the couch, watching. It takes Luna ten minutes to get here five minutes faster than usual but it feels like hours. She lets herself in the back door quietly, but I rush into the kitchen to meet her.

“Where’s Grace?” she asks with urgency, dropping her medical bag on the kitchen table.

“What? No, I … this isn’t about Grace,” I stutter. I open my mouth once, then again, but it’s no use. Nothing is coming out, so I turn on my heel and tiptoe into the living room. Luna wordlessly follows, eyeing the netted form. I kneel next to it, holding my breath. With shaking hands, I slide the knife into the plastic and pull it upwards slowly. I know what it’s going to reveal when I pull the plastic away, but it still makes my breath leave my lungs in an audible whoosh. I can’t seem to inhale again once it’s gone. I hear Luna do the same next to me.

“Is it a…?” She leaves her sentence unfinished, and I nod. The small slit I cut in the plastic shows a thick arm under a rolled-up shirt, far too thin for our recently nasty winter. At the very end of the slit, I glimpse a swollen throat and a jaw covered in a dark shadow of hair. A chill runs down my spine and my stomach turns.

“Is he alive?” Luna asks, her voice small.

“I … I think so.” I stare at the floor guiltily. “I kicked him pretty hard to shut him up.” She scoots closer and with trembling fingers folds back the plastic to see his side, where most of the blood is coming from.

“Cut the rest of it off him,” she tells me quietly. I stare at her in shock.

“But, he––” She cuts me off with a look.

“He isn’t dead yet, but he will be if I don’t stop the blood loss.”

I swallow hard, and comply. 

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4 stars
Written by Adna on 5th May 2022

I am a huge Disney fan and always have been. This book was such an interesting reading experience! I loved that it was a modern day contemporary little mermaid retelling. It was a very interesting take on the Disney story and the fact that it revolves around her father and a cult was definitely new. Overall I really enjoyed this story and loved their love story and gave me all The Little Mermaid feels. This was a fast and easy read that left a smile on my face when I finished.

Intriguing, powerful story!
Written by undefined on 15th Jan 2018

An intriguing, powerful story that kept me up late reading. Meet Eroyn of Compound A, where women rule and men exist only in Biology books. Eighty years ago a terrible war had permanently separated the sexes. At least, that's the story Eroyn and her best friend Luna were told by their teachers and elders to believe. As teens they are naturally curious, but when three men, two of whom appear to be their age, sneek into the compound, the girls are instantly afraid. Where did they come from? Do they intend to hurt them? The two girls manage to gain control and lock the men in a room until they can figure out what to do. Meanwhile the girls learn from the men about the world outside the compound and realize they've been sold a lie. Trust is slow to develop, however, but when it does, Eroyn is surprised at the deep feelings she has for one of them. Could this be falling love? Only the elderly talk of such happenings. But then life intervenes. Eroyn makes an alarming discovery that not only changes her perspective, it threatens the existence of her own people. She is compelled to make a risky decision. She watches with horror as an evil male regime led by Ryker violently bombards Compound A. Filled with remorse and guilt over the decision she's made, Eroyn embarks on a vengeful search for Ryker, but with a heavy heart. She's not only lost people near and dear to her, she fears she may have lost the one man she loves. He is nowhere to be found in the rubble.

"An adventure that will keep you reading through the night."
Written by Christine R on 10th Jan 2018

"An adventure that will keep you reading through the night." Wow. A wall separating males and females because of a gender war is a really interesting idea I thoroughly enjoyed reading! I love Ero and Westlyn's characters (also love how different their names are), and their personalities are on point. The two show how different siblings can be, even when they look similar. The balance with characters like Archer, Phoenix, and Myra helped the story's progression. As for what happens next... I cannot wait to find out. I am still reeling from that ending. Nice job, Stormy!

Post Gender War in a Dystopian Future
Written by Vanne BooktasticNL on 8th Jan 2018

This is a proper fantasy, young adult story. The teenage heroine has hardships to conquer, but there’s a sense of hope throughout the tale that is characteristic for the genre of young adult tales. There’s a bit of sci fi, a bit of technology, a bit of good looking men and a lot of friendships and trust. But there’s also betrayal, jealousy and, in the end, warfare. If you like what you’ve read so far, then keep in mind that this is a stand alone story. The ending will not leave you satisfied. If you start, you’d better continue by reading the next two parts. It is not another Hunger Games, but it is another journey for survival. It is not another Divergent, but it does focus nicely on social structures in a post-apocalyptic setting and what happens when someone doesn’t fit in. It is a story with a dark tone, with a heroine who tries her best for the people she loves, who is helped by friends and who is on a journey of discovery. If you’d like to explore that same world along with her, then pick up the book, either paperback or digitally, and accompany Eryon as she stumbles from one discovery to another and tries to find the truth about the history of humankind and the society she lives in.

Fabulous story!
Written by Christine on 1st Dec 2017

What an interesting story! I love the whole idea and really loved the characters. I'm so glad I gave this book a try!

The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 1st Mar 2017

Estranged from her natural parents, Eroyn is paired with an "Elder" for guidance and nurturing, as are all Genesis females when they reach the age of Mentoring. The Youth then takes care of The Elder for the rest of her natural life. (Hmmm...another institution comes to mind. Seniors Home, anyone?) Eroyn's life and beliefs are shaken however, when her her Elder dies, and her job as a security officer results in the capture of a male from The Other Side. His rescuers present a new portrait of 'male' for Eroyn, setting her and lifelong friend Luna on a path to danger and discovery of the truth about her world. More dangerous still, is the friendship she develops with a brother she's never met, and the unfamiliar but undeniable attraction she begins to feel for his friend Archer. Book 2 of this series was previously reviewed, and though well done it lacked the necessary backstory to stand on its own. Now that the gaps are filled in, I venture to say The Separation has all the makings of a YA masterpiece. Book 3 can't come soon enough!! ​The Separation is a must read and my favorite book of 2017 so far!

PP Amazon customer
Written by Brenda S. Hartwick on 9th Dec 2016

Been a long time since I was a teen but loved the book. Was hard to put it down a great read can't wait until the next one comes out. Makes you feel like you know the characters personally . Fantastic writing! Great imagination very creative!

This great divide has all of the ingredients for impending disaster ...
Written by Amazon Customer on 9th Dec 2016

Stormy Corrin Russell has created a science fiction, dystopian masterpiece by building a wall between male and female societies. This great divide has all of the ingredients for impending disaster as misunderstanding and mistrust had grown between the genders for generations. When the heroine, Eroyn Fairchild, captures a boy and holds him hostage, she and her friend, Luna must learn about this boy and the ones who consequently try to save him. As the two sides interact, many questions evolve. Had their elders told the told the truth about the other species? Who had really won the war? Who was superior gender? Ultimately, the only questions that matter revolve around who are the real enemies and how do they survive the attacks? This novel will have the reader wanting more answers as it is easy to get attached to the characters and their trials. Tearing down the physical wall would not be enough without dispelling the myths and uncovering the truths found in both societies. Hurry up with the second book in the trilogy, Stormy!

The Separation By Stormy Corrin Russell
Written by Angie on 9th Dec 2016

The Separation By Stormy Corrin Russell 2016 Reviewed by Angie Mangino Rating: 5 stars After the Gender War, the Council in Genesis decreed that the men and women would now live in segregated areas. “I’m not old enough to remember a time when love existed, a time before The Separation. Women and men have lived apart for almost a century now, and most people who could remember otherwise are dead and gone. But not Grace.” With this beginning of the first chapter, Eroyn, and her 102 years old Elder, start the journey in the female half of Compound A in Genesis, under the Council rule enforced by the Matriarch. Grace chose Eroyn when it was time as an Elder to choose the Youth who will be her caregiver. Readers will find the two of them not so easily compliant in accepting the norm, and this uniqueness will keep interest and empathy high. Excellent dialogue and realistic characterizations makes this world come alive. Reminiscent of the writing of George Orwell, who propelled us into 1984, believing the unbelievable as if we lived through it, so too, the author gives a believable world and plot that keeps readers engulfed in the story, turning pages quickly so as not to miss anything.

I loved it. It sent me through a whole gauntlet ...
Written by Amazon Customer on 9th Dec 2016

I loved it. It sent me through a whole gauntlet of emotions. I don't think I have ever cried reading a book, but I did. And left me wanting more. Can't wait until author releases the next book! I can see this being a movie!

you will enjoy this book
Written by Daryl S. on 23rd Apr 2016

If you are a fan of the Hunger Games, or perhaps the Giver, you will enjoy this book. It explores a variety of mature themes, from politics and forms of governance, ideological extremism, childhood indoctrination, along with family, relationships, and coming-of-age, all under the guise of a teenage novel. The mark of any good work is that of something that has a wide appeal, whether it be through cultural barriers, age or gender, and "The Separation" has that in spades. Even if teenage fiction is too "young" for you, give this book a chance, you won't regret it. I'm sure that Catcher in the Rye, The Giver, Huckleberry Finn (or any of the other classic) still have an impact on you in some way, despite its direction towards adolescents/young adults. The themes in this book will leave a lasting effect on whomever decides to direct their eyes upon its words. Just read it!