The Eight Lies We Tell Each Other by Christine Anna Kirchoff

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Lie one: we’re all going to survive.

Nova just wanted to do her duty like everyone else. Become a soldier, keep Earth safe. When her base is attacked, she’s captured by the alien enemies but they’re nothing like she was taught. They’re smart, calculating, curious, and so her nightmare begins.

Surviving. Dying.

When she’s finally rescued, she can’t remember much of her humanity but she can’t tell anyone what she knows, like their language or the experiments. She never expects to meet the boy with the stunning green eyes, Pierce. They bring out feelings in her she had to destroy to survive. Then it comes out that the aliens are looking for something. Someone.

To keep Earth safe, Nova will have to kill the queens. Every. Last. One.

14+ due to adult situations, violence



“You okay?” Pierce had stayed.

“All good.” Nova curled her hands into fists. It was just a pain killer. One foot in front of the other.

“You should stay here,” the nurse yelled.

Nova kept walking. She didn’t stumble at all as she made her way down the hall and outside. Everything looked different. The quad was filled with soldiers instead of students. The ship still puffed smoke, but it was white instead of a thick black. She eased her body left and forward. She could do this. No problem, but she didn’t want to be this vulnerable at her dorm. “Where do I go?” Had she said that aloud?

“I’m not taking you back to your dorm.”

Taking her? Nova snorted, only then realizing his hand was on her back. Again. He steered her to the left toward the senior dorms. “No.” She paused or rather stumbled to a stop.

“You’re not safe like this at your place.”

She knew that! Nova pulled away and turned around.

“Nova, will you stop being so fecking independent for one fecking day!” His deep voice boomed in the quiet evening air.

“Don’t need anyone.” She was fine by herself. The pain killer was already wearing off. She felt fine and she knew where she was going.

“Wall,” Piece said.

Wall? Nova hit the archway with her shoulder and frowned. “Ah, wall. I saw that.” Keep going. You’re fine. Maybe she’d be able to sleep with all this stuff floating through her body.

“Where are you going?”

Was he still following her? “Up.”

“Up? Did you say up?” Pierce took her arm.

“You keep touching me and I…” Hells! She almost said she liked it. “I will break … things.” Okay. That was pathetic.

“Things, huh?” He grinned.

Did they pass her dorm? “My place.” She pointed backward awkwardly. She was going to beat that nurse. This was crazy. How much did she get? She couldn’t … nothing … dritt.

“We’re going to Gianna’s.”

Oh. “Oh.” Why would that be bad? Nova shrugged. Gianna was nice. Her legs were feeling heavy and hard to lift, but her side didn’t hurt. Nothing hurt. They made their way to Gianna’s and Pierce opened the door. Nova felt like it had taken years. A few more steps and she could crash. Her daggers! She couldn’t sleep without her weapons. “Hells.”


She practically fell into Pierce, then jerked back and banged against a wall. “Can’t sleep. Need my blades.”

He took her arm and tugged, but she refused to move. “You want to go through a bunch of soldiers to get weapons that you weren’t even supposed to have?”

Nova rolled her eyes and poked him in his bare chest. “Defense. Offense.” That explained it? “Need my blades.”

Pierce shifted and lifted Nova into his arms.

She let out a gasp that was girly and embarrassing. “Put me down or … pain you.”

“Because that made sense.” Pierce carried her to the couch. He laid her down … or tried to.

Nova wiggled to get free, sending them both crashing into the couch. “Blades before sleep,” she mumbled. No. No, she had to get up despite how warm his skin was under her chilled hands. She wrapped her arms around him a little tighter. He smelled good too. Nova inhaled deeply and moaned.

Pierce brushed hair from her face. “I’ll keep you safe.”

Nova snorted, fighting but losing the urge to snuggle against him. “Not safe. Never safe.”

Pierce leaned closer and whispered in her ear. “If anyone tries to hurt you, I’ll tear them apart.”