Parallel Triangles by Kimberly Ann Miller

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Carly Carmichael has one goal in life—to perform on Broadway with her amazing voice and dance skills. She refuses to have a Plan B because she’s never needed one—until the Bermuda Triangle takes away all the gifts that make her exceptional.

When Carly’s parents send her on a cruise to Bermuda as a graduation present, all hell breaks loose. One day, Carly finds herself unable to sing. The next day, she’s unable to walk. When she wakes up famous and full of scandal, she freaks out. Worst of all, her friends handle each day as if everything that’s happening is the norm. If she can’t get her real life back on track, she may end up spending the next sixty years trapped in a life she was never meant to live.

14+ due to language and adult situations



The words were barely out of my mouth when she tackled me. Sprite spilled down my back as she wrapped her arms around me and screamed in my ear. “Are you shitting me? The Carmichaels are sending us away with our boyfriends? Without their supervision? To an island? Where fooling around and getting into trouble are likely to happen on a regular basis?” She dragged me into my messy bedroom and shut the door. “Are they insane?” she whispered.

I changed my soda-soaked shirt and nodded. “Yeah, but in the best way possible.”

She checked her phone, which displayed a virtual game of chess. Rook was winning, of course. She always won. And the rook was her favorite piece.

She looked at me and squealed. “This is so amazing. You can have time off from all your practicing, and we can have an epic vacation. I need to get a mani-pedi, a bikini wax, a new bikini, and a life vest.” She made another move on her phone. She fist-pumped the air and grinned. “Hey, I just had a thought. I don’t even know where we’re going. Where does the cruise go to?”

“Life vest?” Why would she need that?

She shrugged and waved me on to continue.

I grabbed the tickets to check again. “Bermuda. Sid did a photo shoot there once. She loved it.”

She tossed her phone onto my bed. “Bermuda? As in the Bermuda Triangle? Where funky things happen? And people go missing and die in some funky-ass vortex of unholy-shitness?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I guess, so? Millions of people cruise to Bermuda and live to tell the tale, Brooklyn. What’s the problem?” And did she have a point that I should be worried about?

She picked up her phone again and closed the game. “Don’t you know that girl, Autumn Taylor? She’s a senior, too. Her friend told me she went through some weird-ass stuff on her cruise last summer. To Bermuda.”

The name was familiar, but I couldn’t place the face. “Autumn Taylor. Why do I know that name?” Did she perform with me? Was she in drama?

“I’ll tell you why,” she said. “You know the name because she used to go out with Trystan.” She wiggled her eyebrows and pumped her hips in and out a few times.

My eyes widened and I sucked in a breath. “Yeah, you’re right. I remember him mentioning her. What happened to her?”

She shrugged. “Ask him. I’ve heard she won’t talk about it, but her friend Nisha, who’s in my gym class, told me she went through some crazy stuff on the ship. I’m hoping she just drank too much, since we’re going there and I want to live through it.”

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Written by Amazon Customer on 15th Oct 2017

I loved this book! An awesome read involving the Bermuda Triangle and how the mystery of it can affect one girls reality. Couldn't put it down!

here's another amazing read from Kimberly Ann Miller
Written by Bouquet of Books on 21st Feb 2017

First of all, I need to comment about this cover --- it is gorgeous!!! One of my faves ever! Second, here's another amazing read from Kimberly Ann Miller, and she doesn't disappoint! Carly, the MC in this story, will take you on a cruise, one you'll never forget. The Bermuda Triangle threatens to take away everything she's worked so hard for, but it's up to Carly to fight through it and figure things out before she's stuck in one of the alternate realities forever. Awesome read that I couldn't put down!