Shadow Lilies by Lee Ann Ward

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The Shadow Lilies, 1

Sixteen-year-old Julia Reynolds struggles with her parents’ gypsy lifestyle and the urgent need to find out what happened to her missing cousin, Aubree. Soon Julia stumbles upon the mystery surrounding the Ursuline Convent in New Orleans, its banned third floor, and the blessed nails that seal its windows shut.

Solving the mystery of the Ursuline and blogging the story to the entire free world could gain more interest in the disappearance of Aubree. But there’s just one catch: the others who have explored this mystery have one thing in common…they’re all dead.

Things get even more complicated when Julia falls for Ryan Grandle, the hottest guy in her school, and he falls right back. Will she really risk her life and new love to explore an unsolved mystery for the story that could save her cousin? Turns out, staring death straight in the face is just the beginning.

14+ due to adult situations



“I’m sorry the movie was so bad,” he says as we pull away from the theater. “It got decent reviews, though.”

“It’s okay.” I want to tell him that I had barely followed the plot anyway. I was too interested in his hand on top of mine for an amazing two hours, and also trying to sound convincing when I persuaded him to drop me off in front of the convent instead of taking me home.

“You’re sure you want me to leave you here?” he says when we reach the Ursuline. “This place is kind of creepy at night, don’t you think?”

Absolutely. “Well, it’s not like I’m going inside. I told you, I’m meeting my little brother here in a bit. He’s coming from a friend’s house, and my mom can’t pick him up. So I have to walk him the rest of the way home.” I try to look indifferent. “He’ll be here in a few minutes, you know. It’s really no big deal.”

 Ryan takes my cue and starts fumbling. He covers both of my hands with his and my insides melt like an ice cube in soup. We stay this way for a few seconds, and my tummy feels tingly and hard as stone in the same moment. I think I’m shaking, but he doesn’t notice.

“Is it okay if I kiss you, Julia?”

I can’t breathe. I simply nod instead. He brushes the top of my hand with a finger before taking it in a gentle grip. I tilt my head upward and our noses graze. The warmth of his freshly-shaven cheek molds to mine as our lips touch. I’m shy to respond at first, but open my mouth slightly and welcome the kiss when I feel his other hand touch my cheek. The waves in my stomach are replaced with mini-fireworks.

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TBR Pile
Written by Bella on 24th Feb 2018

Julia is a sixteen-year-old girl that never fits in, maybe because she’s lived in so many different places for such short periods of time. Back in New Orleans she’s determined to find out what happened to her missing cousin, Aubree. Distracted by the hottest boy in school, she still finds time to investigate and finds it all revolves around the convent… This is a ya mystery that has a few twists and a wonderful main character. I instantly liked Julia, from her awkwardness to her never give up attitude. At times, her actions are a bit hard to believe but she has a feistiness to her that I enjoyed. Ryan is harder to pin down. Why is the hottest guy in class talking to her? What are his motives? I didn’t trust him at all and the fact that Julia is falling so quickly for him isn’t my favorite aspect of the story. As the romance moves along so does the mystery, which I love. The author has a great knack for keeping me on the edge of my seat. Tyler, rejected and super adorable, Tyler. There’s sort of a triangle going on here. I did not like that she’s kissing them both without making up her mind. The ending is nicely resolved with twists and even a hint at the next book. ​ Shadow Lilies is an entertaining ya mystery that you shouldn't miss!

Shadow Lilies
Written by Sandra Myles on 10th Feb 2018

It was absolutely wonderful. The characters were so real and the writing flowed. I felt like I was reading in 3D and was hovering over the characters. Can't wait for the next adventure of Julia.

Great Mystery!
Written by Jan Lipske on 10th Feb 2018

This book is seriously amazing! All I read is young adult, and this one is now one of my favorites. It has such a great mystery, along with a intense love triangle, and such an interesting setting. I can't wait for book 2!

Absolutely loved Shadow Lillie’s
Written by Janice S on 10th Feb 2018

Absolutely loved Shadow Lillie’s. The suspense kept me going, just couldn’t wait to solve the mystery. Patiently awaiting the next volume of the series!!!

Five Stars
Written by Amazon Customer on 10th Feb 2018

Fantastic book, witty and thrilling!

Tome Tender
Written by undefined on 31st Aug 2017

Julia Reynolds is a twenty-first century Nancy Drew, a little more suspicious, a lot more daring and maybe just a little more fragile, too. Often uprooted by her parents, Julia is always the girl that never quite fits in, but she is smart, headstrong and needs answers to questions many of us wouldn’t think to ask. Julia has just moved back to New Orleans and she is determined to find out what happened to her missing cousin. When she learns of the Ursuline Convent, one of New Orleans’ landmark buildings, she finds there is a story behind the locked door of the convent’s third floor. No matter what, Julia is determined to find out if the story is true about the occupants locked away. Her hope? To solve this mystery and create interest in the mystery of what happened to her cousin. What Julia wasn’t prepared for was to fall for the school hottest guy or his returned interest. Will they become the dynamic duo that unlocks the secrets of the convent? Is there a connection to her cousin’s disappearance? What if Julia uncovers more than she should have? SHADOW LILIES by Lee Ann Ward is a wonderful young adult mystery with a feisty heroine who seems to get herself into trouble of her own making, yet never gives up, even after several warnings. There is more to Julia than meets the eye. She is a force to be reckoned with who leaps before she looks closely enough, but her tenacity makes for an excellent YA read. Scenes come to life as Lee Ann Ward takes us through a labyrinth of lies, deceit and danger, all while never giving up the answers too soon! I received this copy from Evernight Teen in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

Must read!
Written by slseaman on 14th Aug 2017

Lee Ann you did it again! A great read, I loved it. Very intriguing, great characters, I couldn't wait to see what Julia would finally do. Can't wait for the next book in this series.

Wonderful book!
Written by Amazon Customer on 14th Aug 2017

This is one fantastic book! Lee Ann Ward kept me guessing throughout, and the suspense is well done. You'll love the ending and find yourself waiting anxiously for the next one in the series. If you love a good story with a plot that will keep you guessing and memorable characters, this book is for you.