All Kinds of Bad by Rachel Rust

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Dating the boy accused of trying to kill you is complicated. Proving he’s innocent is downright deadly. 

Seventeen-year-old Lydia’s life is jolted when she’s nearly killed in a drive-by shooting. Things take another crazy turn when she meets Nathan, a hottie with a killer smile—and a delinquent past. 

Romance ignites between Nathan and Lydia, but crime overtakes their small town and evidence points to Nathan’s involvement. And when he’s accused of firing the bullet that almost killed her in the drive-by shooting, Lydia’s convinced he’s being framed. But why? And by whom? 

Lydia sets out to investigate, but as she creeps closer to uncovering local secrets, someone lurks on the sidelines, ready to silence her. With her life and Nathan’s freedom on the line, she must expose the truth behind the crimes, even if it means breaking the law herself.

16+ due to sexuality and adult situations 



The stench of motor oil and metal hung in the air as I stood next to Nathan in the garage. I tried my best to ignore his arms. His muscles were not just the sleek kind that appeared on thin people with no body fat. He had actual muscles. Rounded, protruding muscles under flawless brown skin—only a foot away. My fingers flexed of their own volition. I crossed my arms, tucking my hands into submission before they decided to reach out and squeeze something.

His Camaro’s red paint was a tad faded, but other than that it looked in decent condition—at least to my novice eyes. My mind filled with phantom sounds of a rumbling engine. Parked facing the driveway, the car looked hell-bent on busting loose.

“It’s cool,” I said. “What’s wrong with it?”

“It needs a ton of engine work.” Nathan leaned forward, placing his hands on the car. The muscles in his forearms flexed, and I nearly melted into a puddle of goo.

I forced my gaze back to his face. “Does it have a name?”

Nathan didn’t respond.

“I named my car,” I said, ignoring the voice in my head telling me to shut up and not be a dork. “I call him Frankie, but his full name is Francisco the Great and Powerful.”

Nathan laughed. “Francisco the Great and Powerful, that’s a good one.”

It was hard to tell if he was being sincere or making fun of me.

He stepped back and folded his arms across his chest. “Her name’s Caroline.”

“I like that name. Did you name it after someone? Some hot chick from a movie or something?”

Nathan exhaled a small laugh. “No, nothing like that.” The smile on his face then faded as tires crunched over the gravel of the driveway.

Just behind me, Sergeant Rollins pulled up in his police car. I mentally rolled my eyes. “Why is he here? I already told him everything I know.”

“I don’t think he’s here for you.”

“Oh … is he here to talk to you?”



Nathan stood tall, arms crossed. His silence told me not to ask any more questions. Whatever was going on—whatever Sergeant Rollins’s business was with him—I was clearly not welcomed to be a part of it.

I took a step back. “Well … I suppose I should go then.” I meant it, but my feet glued to the floor and my mind forced me to say my next words before Rollins came into earshot. “Are you friends with Taya Pearce or anything?”

“Why?” Nathan asked.

“She’s having a barbeque at her house tonight for the basketball players. I was wondering if you were going to be there.” My heart galloped into my throat as the words came out.

“I heard about that. You gonna be there?”


He smiled. “Maybe I’ll see ya then.”

I nodded, unable to produce actual words as his smile overtook all my brain functions. Shuffling my adhesive-laden feet forward, I finally walked away.

“Lydia,” Nathan called out as I approached my car. My stomach flipped at the sound of my name having materialized from his lips. He leaned against a pickup in the driveway, muscular arms crossed in front of his chest, and flashed an impish grin. “Thanks for the ride. I’ll return the favor one day.”

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This is a quick, easy read that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.
Written by K8 on 15th Jun 2018

This is a quick, easy read that will keep you entertained from beginning to end. I read the entire book on a pair of flights and it made the trips fly by. Told in dual perspectives, the book outlines the relationship between Lydia and Nathan. Lydia is new to town and is struggling to find her way after an injury has shattered her dreams of being a dancer. Nathan is back in town after having spent a year away under suspicion of comitting a crime. They are instantly attracted to one another, but their romance can't run smmothly when Nathan's every move is watched with suspicion. And as a series of crimes is committed in the town, Nathan and Lydia find themselves fighting for more than just a quiet place to make out.

TDC Book Reviews
Written by Chief Spammer on 14th Feb 2017

This book was provided to me in exchange for a free and honest review. This is the first book I have ever read from this author and I can honestly say it kept me glued until the very end. It starts off with a recently new girl in her town and while she was working, someone decided to shoot up the store. Nathan comes back in town and has a long past of being a juvenile delinquent. Lydia falls for him, is he really the bad boy everyone knew he was in the past or is he different now. It is hard for the community to believe of his innocence when all of the facts are leading to him. I really liked this story and I could literally see this as a series on Freeform. The one thing I noticed is the parents of Lydias’ are not really present throughout of the book and you don’t get to see much of their characters. They are not really important in the story though. This was a great read and I really enjoyed the story. If you like stories with romance and mysteries this is your book!

Great story!
Written by undefined on 22nd Jan 2017

I flew through this book in no time. It was fast paced, with a nice mix of romance and mystery. The author painted a vivid picture of small town life, and it was a good backdrop for the conflicts in the story. I liked that even though Nathan was the town's bad boy, we still got to see a softer side of him. It was cute to see how he interacted with his little cousin. Also, at times when you think he'd be preoccupied with his own troubles, he was worried about Lydia. The romance between them was both sweet and hot, and it portrayed young love in a way I found highly believable

Great read
Written by Book Lover on 9th Dec 2016

Yes! This story has it all. Romance, intrigue and a whodunit story that will have you stumped until the end. Seriously I thought I had it figured out and was busy patting myself on the back when my theory got tipped on its head! The relationship between Lydia and Nathan was sweet and I love how she wasn't shy about her attraction to him. Go Lydia! And Nathan, adore him! This book is definitely going on my 'to read again' pile!

Loved it
Written by Amazon Customer on 9th Dec 2016

This book kept me reading into the night! Great mix of teen romance, mystery, and personal conflicts to keep me interested and thinking about the characters when I wasn't reading. If you like to try to figure out whodunnit, you'll enjoy this fast read. I hope to see a sequel to this book and will definitely read anything Ms Rust publishes!

I was like, this is a lot of teenage touchy feely ...
Written by Sara on 9th Dec 2016

I don't normally pick up a contemporary romance, its not really my thing, but this one was written by my fellow Evernight Teen Author Rachel Rust, so I decided to give it a read. At first, I was like, this is a lot of teenage touchy feely stuff, and then I just got sucked in by the characters and I wanted to punch something. This poor guy names Nathan keeps getting blamed by all the people in the town for everything bad that's happening. Rachel really brought the worst out in people which made me really hate them. I mean, come one. Toward the middle of the book, I was certain that I had it all figured out who was doing all these bad things. It was so obvious... Um, yeah. I got that wrong. Turns out it was the last person I thought. I really enjoyed the way this book ended and how the main characters never lost sight of what was important, each other. The only gripe I have with this read is the part where Lydia puts on her pointe shoes and likes the way the wood feels on her feet. Being a ballerina for 14 years myself, I've never heard of a pointe shoe being made out of wood. I even did some research, just so I didn't put my foot in my mouth, just in case I didn't know everything. The box of the shoe is actually made out of cloth, paper and glue. This gives them pliability when the dancer is standing on them. But that is neither here nor there. I would recommend this read to anyone who loves a good teen romance. Four stars for All Kinds of Bad.

Five Stars
Written by Lindsey Ouimet on 9th Dec 2016

From the writing, to the characters, setting, and plot twists, All Kinds of Bad was the exact opposite of its title. And don't forget the representation! It was so refreshing to see a Native American male lead in a YA romance. I greatly enjoyed Rachel Rust's YA debut, and look forward to reading more from her in the future!

TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 3rd Dec 2016

This is a tale of the good girl falling in love with the bad boy in town but add in some serious suspense. Lydia was the ‘good girl’ and Nathan is her ‘bad boy’. He’s being blamed for all the trouble in town but Lydia is sure it isn’t him. But the real culprit now has his/her sight set on Lydia. This is a great teen, romantic suspense. I love how the mystery played out! That is probably my favorite part about this book, the whodunit. It is really well written and executed. Lydia herself isn’t some girl that constantly gets in obvious trouble, oh there’s trouble, but it feels real. She is a huge win in this book. Nathan is trying to stay out of everyone’s way and he’s always sucked into the middle of everything. These two together are sweet and slightly hot, there are always interruptions, which is good because this is young adult. Seriously, this book is so amazing that I have to give it five stars. There was never a doubt of giving it anything less than perfect. You have to read this book! ​

I enjoyed this
Written by Cassie Jay on 2nd Nov 2016

They say "Don't judge a book by it's cover", but I'll be honest. The cover definitely intrigued me. And I'm glad it did. This was a great book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Five Stars
Written by Jodi Petershagen on 10th Oct 2016

Great new author with hopefully more to come!

Written by DP on 10th Oct 2016

How can this book have only 1 review so far? This book is fantastic!!! The writing is sharp, funny, sexy...Characters pop off these pages! Well, the two main ones do anyway...The other "friends" I could do without. They were pretty pathetic! I highly recommend this book - This writer needs to write more, like STAT!

Charming and intriguing!
Written by T.E. on 7th Oct 2016

I really enjoyed this book! It was compelling from the first page and I liked how the story unfolded from both main characters' points of view. Lydia and Nathan's relationship is charming and realistic, and the wider cast of characters really makes their small town setting come alive. The mystery of the local crime wave is definitely a page-turner. Overall, this book is a great combination of romance, suspense and even some humor!