Zone A by Eliza Douglas

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The place: ZONE A
The year: 2125

Even though nearly everything from the old world has been destroyed, Aran knows there’s still hope for mankind to create a future. It’s going to be a tough fight for survival beneath the earth’s blistering sun and there’s also a hard battle for freedom to be fought against the alien Regulators and their AI-Human slaves, the Cynocasts.

Can Aran and Theo overcome all boundaries and find love together?

14+ due to adult situations and sexuality



Theo didn’t know where to start with his explanation, but when all eyes were focused in his direction, he took a deep breath and began.

“I’ve heard first-hand from Aran about how you’ve all struggled to survive and stay safe since the Regulators invaded. You … we … can never win a battle fought with them. No matter how we oppose them, they will always triumph. And the Cynocasts, of which I am one, are decreasing in numbers due to compulsory termination. We serve our purpose and then when our age limit is reached or we are injured, the Regulators cast us off and we are discarded. Soon the Regulators will have only drones to do their bidding. You’ve managed to stay hidden and off the radar thanks to your remote location. The surface drones don’t patrol here, but they soon will, and it’s only a matter of time before your luck runs out. The Regulators are ruthless in their pursuit of dissenters, but ultimately the Regulators are not our biggest threat. It’s the Earth and the sun you must fear. They are our two enemies. They will be our downfall.”

“What do you mean?” someone called out.

“The brutal truth is that Earth is on a collision course with the sun. We are being pulled into the sun’s outer orbit, and it’s only a matter of time before destruction. If you think the heat is unbearable now, just wait a few more years. There will be nowhere on Earth that is safe. Nowhere human life can exist. You have to leave Earth. We have to leave Earth before it’s too late.”

Another voice was heard, only this time it offered a laugh of derision and skepticism. “And how do you propose we achieve that?”

Theo continued. “I know it may seem impossible, but I believe there is a way for us to leave this planet and find a new home. I’ve been working on a plan to build a spacecraft that can take us to a habitable planet. It won’t be easy and it will take time, but I’m sure it’s our only chance at survival. I need help to make this happen. Your help. I need skilled engineers, builders, and anyone else who is willing to work toward this common goal. Together we can make this happen. But we have to act quickly before it’s too late. Will you join me in this mission to save ourselves and our future generations?”