The Enchanting Rise of Miranda Stone by A.D. Brazeau

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The Emergence Duology, 2

16-year-old Miranda, and her friends, Neeta and Billie, have fled New Orleans, heading toward a future no one is sure of.

In Colorado the trio meet up with Miranda’s aunt, along with another witch looking to shake things up. Miranda and her friends are taken to a centuries-old school with the promise of magical learning, but as Miranda has already experienced, promises mean little in her chaotic world.

When Miranda’s love and Neeta’s mother are taken into custody back in New Orleans, the women have no choice but to return home. Escaping the school will not be as easy as they think, and what happens when they get back to Louisiana? The friends will have to learn their craft quickly as they navigate a whole new world while also saving everyone they can.

The Enchanting Rise of Miranda Stone is the second book in the Emergence Duology.

14+ due to adult situations


Billie’s mouth scrunched up. She flicked a glance over at Joey who leaned against the front bumper of his truck. “I don’t like the idea of splitting up. We’ve made it this far because we’ve stayed together.”

“We absolutely have,” Neeta said. “But this is not our usual circumstance. The stakes have never been higher. We have to divide and conquer.”

Billie nodded, her gaze dropping to the ground.

I understood how Billie felt, because I felt the same way. If this went wrong, if one of us fell, which was a very real possibility, I wanted us to be together. What if Billie fell all alone, or what if Neeta or I did, and Billie wasn’t able to say goodbye? Splitting up seemed the worst possible thing we could do, but Neeta was right, it had to be done. There was too much to do and too little time in which to do it.

Neeta took Billie’s hand, and then mine. I reached for Billie’s. We were three little witches whose mettle was about to be tested to no end. I only hoped we would succeed. The most important thing was that the world see that we were not going to take being jailed and held against our will. We were going to stand up and fight the injustice of it. All it would take was one act of bravery to light the whole world on fire. We were about to light that fire, consequences be damned.

“You three ready?” Joey hadn’t said anything until then. He knew this was our fight, as difficult as it probably was for him to watch Billie run off into battle without him.

I looked him right in the eye. “As ready as we’re going to be.”