Entwined by Andi Bremner

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Elemental, 1

Scouring the Earth for the last two hundred years, Nate has been searching for the half-fairy girl he's been sent to kill. After following clue after clue, he finally locates her in the quiet coastal town of Holyoake. Oblivious to her true identity and destiny, Eve has lived a sheltered life in the care of guardian angels charged with protecting and hiding her from Nate, the fire demon. It's only when Eve turns eighteen and begins to blossom into her true self that she finally learns the truth.

Meanwhile, Nate prepares to kill her, luring her further and further into his snare, only to discover they share a bond. A bond so great that he finds himself falling hard for her. How can they be together when their union will bring all the demons of hell down upon them both?

14+ due to adult situations



He looked back at me. “You’re not the type of girl I normally spend time with. I normally go for a girl a little more … fun.”

“Fun?” I blanched inwardly. I wasn’t fun? I was all sorts of fun, I wanted to argue, just ask Mena or Hailey or Claire. Or even Troy. I was great fun. But, I guessed I wasn’t the kind of fun he was looking for. The kind of fun who went to dive bars, who drank beer, and who…

“Maybe I should go.” I turned to leave, but he caught my arm.

“Don’t go. Please. I know you’re confused,” he said quietly, “but believe me, I’m even more confused. I don’t understand this, why I feel so drawn to you when I shouldn’t. When I really, really shouldn’t.”

Everything inside me deflated at his words, which were confusing. In one instance he told me he was drawn to me, and in the next he said he didn’t understand why. It wasn’t exactly what a girl wanted to hear. I made to move, intending to turn back and walk up the beach. Maybe call Mena to come and pick me up. I shouldn’t be here with Nate. I wasn’t the right girl for him, and he didn’t even really want me here. He wanted something different … someone fun.

“I want to kiss you.”

My mouth dropped open. Okay. So that was what a girl wanted to hear. This girl at least. Still… I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do, plus I had a feeling that if I let Nate kiss me, he’d ruin me for every other guy.

I tilted my head and looked up into his face. He moved closer so that he towered over me, hovering above like a dark god. His hair fell over his forehead, which was drawn up and serious, his mouth set in a firm, straight line, his eyes fixed on mine.

“Oh.” It was all I could bring myself to say. My emotions ran haywire. I wasn’t used to feeling like this, infatuated one second, dejected the next, hopeful and then crushed with each word he uttered. I was almost embarrassed by how I was affected by his words.

“Will you let me kiss you?”

“Do you always ask first?” I asked with surprise.

“With someone like you, princess,” he purred. “I think yes, I would always ask.”

I nodded and closed my eyes as his head descended toward mine. 


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Yes yes Yes!
Written by Amazon Customer on 22nd Sep 2017

I read this book as an ARC and loved it! Omg so much yes! Yes! Yes! Nate is devilish and bad and altogether too sexy and Eve is sweet and kind and everything he's not. The writing and word building is brilliant as are the secondary characters. I cannot wait for book two which hopefully comes soon.