The Stigma of Mental Illness

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The world literally has thousands of people trudging through their daily lives while struggling with some type of untreated mental illness. There’s a stigma surrounding mental illness that makes people feel that having anxiety, depression or any type of disorder equals weakness. No one should have to fear telling someone they’re not okay. I wrote SIGNS WE DON’T SEE so that teens, and people of all ages, would read it and know that having shame for a struggle you didn’t ask for isn’t your fault nor is that shame necessary.

Mental health awareness isn’t something that countries spend money on and it’s becoming a huge problem. We certainly wouldn’t let a broken leg go untreated but people aren’t sure how to treat something going on with their mind. I hope my book can help, in some small way, to show readers that seeking help is beneficial but it can also be a long road of trial and error to feel better. I want my book to normalize the issues surrounding mental health while entertaining people at the same time. Life is a journey and we all have to find our own path to happiness and health no matter what it might take to get that.

"This story touched my soul! ❤️"

"I enjoyed this book immensely!"

"This book is a fantastic reminder that we never know what others are going through."

"A deep young romance that's both poignant and fun."

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