Book of the Month


Mia doesn’t know what to do. Girlfriend of the school’s football star she discovers he’s not as nice as he makes out. However, it would be social disaster for her if she ditched him. The other boy in her life is Ryder, the school hottie, but his reputation precedes him and he is always sarcastic to her so she tries to steer clear of him.

Things come to a head when her boyfriend tries to take it a step too far and she says no. Ryder intervenes and everything changes for Mia.

I really liked the way the author got inside both Mia and Ryder’s heads to show how they reacted to the most horrible thing a girl can go through. The whole story seemed so real and the characters were three dimensional and appeared to be very caring of each other.

This book is brilliant. If I had a teenage daughter I would insist she read it. It’s a story which shows how a teenager can be brave in the face of adversity. Totally deserves a 5 star rating.