Shattered by C. Lee McKenzie

SHATTERED by C. Lee McKenzie

I have a strong conviction that we should all have a place at this table of life. One of the ways to help that be a reality is through reading. If we read about people who are different from us, there’s a chance we can come to understand them and appreciate them for who they are.

The other side of that coin is reading about people who are just like us, and through their stories, identify with their struggles and come to know we’re not alone after all. People who identify as "disabled" need those stories as much as any of us, and those stories should be as honest as possible.

My grandmother was disabled, and I drew a lot on her experience while writing this book. I watched her lose her eyesight, fall into depression and despair because she couldn’t read or sew—her two favorite pastimes. Then slowly she rebuilt her life. In the end she returned to the strong woman she’d always been, and she adapted to a different way of living. I think memories of her journey might have contributed to the creation of Shattered.

I already had the idea of writing about someone overcoming a serious accident and moving on after a struggle. Then I heard a woman speak at one of our library events about her experience becoming paraplegic. Like my grandmother, she fought her way back from feeling helpless and trapped to being a successful businesswoman. She skis, skydives, and pilots her own plane—all of this using adaptive equipment. After hearing her talk, I knew who my main character would be.

SHATTERED by C. Lee McKenzie

A Story of Betrayal and Courage

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Nineteen-year-old Libby Brown is on her way to the winter Olympics for her shot at the Gold. But on a last practice run, an out-of-bounds snowboarder collides with her, and she wakes up in a hospital unable to move her legs. Terrible accident they say, but was it? Or did someone want her off the U.S. slalom team? Libby must find the truth or remain shattered forever.