Devonna by Audrey Francis-Plante

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Devonna Moreau was just a kid when she watched her cousin drown. Six years later, she still carries the numbing weight of guilt on her soul. Nobody knows she might’ve been able to save her cousin if not for her condition and biggest secret—she cannot physically feel anything.

Not a breeze or a kiss or a punch.

Until one day her skin reacts to the touch of a reserved young man named Bram Hanaghan. Which would be great, if Bram was actually alive.

But he’s a ghost.

14+ due to adult situations





He wants me to go with him. But where?


“And you’ll tell me why I can touch you?” I ask and I feel a light tap on my right palm in agreement.


I don’t hear myself breathe anymore. I don’t remember how.


I glance over my shoulder, as though I expect someone to stop me from doing what I’m about to do. But I’m alone.


Just me and my ghost.