Bacon Pie by Candace Robinson and Gerardo Delgadillo

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"Hits the sweet spot!" —New York Times bestselling author, Wendy Higgins

Lia Abbie has the easy life—kicking it back with old school video games, hanging out with her best friend Barnabas, and alternating her living schedule between the apartments of her two dads and her mom.

Kiev Jimenez is a theater geek who loves him some Shakespeare and taking care of his pet armadillo. He has one set goal in life: obtaining the role of Horatio for the Hamlet school play.

When a showdown between Lia and Kiev lands them in the principal's office, they're forced into volunteer work at the cringe-worthy Piggy Palooza Festival, or risk being suspended. Lia and Kiev aren’t thrilled about the situation, especially when it interferes with Lia's relaxed life and Kiev's theater role. But by working together, they may find more than just bacon—possibly a little love in the air.

14+ due to adult situations



When I look toward my desk, I halt in place. I’m not surprised to see Kiev’s perfect brown hair in his seat beside mine, because Mr. Know-It-All is always there before me. But his douchebag friend, Cole, is sitting in my seat. Not that I have a reason for thinking he’s a douchebag, besides the fact he hangs out with Kiev.

Marching right up to Cole, I stop in front of him and place my hand on top of the desk. “This is my seat.”

“Do you own it?” he asks, not moving an inch.

“For the hour I do.” I take off my backpack and set it on the desk.

Cole looks around the mostly empty classroom. “This temple of learning contains a multitude of unoccupied seats, Miss Ophelia Abbie.”

Clenching my teeth, I say, “It’s Lia.” I hate when people use my full first name. “Also, you aren’t even in this class.”

“Is that a crime? Besides, I’m here to converse with my best friend.” His blue eyes slowly look me up and down.

“Do I even care about that? Get up, before I make you get up.”

I’m about to yank him up by his collar when he starts to stand up from the seat, smiling. Holding his hands up, his eyes studying Kiev. “Mr. Kiev Jimenez says you’re … you…”

“What did he say?” My eyes shift toward Kiev’s gray ones—his whole face and neck are red.

“I didn’t say anything,” Kiev exclaims.

Cole grins. “Inform her. If your mouth fails to produce words, your humble server can speak on your behalf.”

“Go to class, dude,” Kiev says, annoyed.

“Your wish is my command, Mr. Kiev Jimenez, who shall live forever,” Cole says, then faces me and bows his head. “Later, Miss Ophelia Abbie.” He snickers before heading out of the classroom.

What an idiot.

My eyes bulge at Kiev whose face is still all tomato-like.

“I didn’t say that. No one in their right mind would care what you look like under your—” he stutters. “I mean, I don’t know what I mean.”

“Under my what?” I say through gritted teeth.


Ignoring Kiev, I take a seat in the already warm chair and grimace—I hate feeling someone else’s butt heat in a chair. I don’t really care if it was Cole being an idiot or not. They are both jerkoffs.

Kiev points at my head. “Also, you need to take off your cap before Mr. Walker comes in.”

My eyebrows furrow, and I turn my head to face him. “What are you? School police patrol?”

“Just warning you.” He shrugs.


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A cute story of enemies to lovers
Written by Tonja D on 11th Oct 2022

Hate morphs to heartache and fluttering butterflies in a warming tale of high school crushes and love. Kiev loves his family (although he refuses to speak Spanish outside of the home), Shakespeare, and his snuggly pet armadillo. He doesn't really have in super goals in life outside of grabbing the role of Horatio in the Hamlet play. But when the role is snatched away before he even gets a chance to audition for it, and then, an argument lands him in volunteer hours and the awful Piggy Palooza Festival, his calm life is turned on its head. This tale is told from two points of view, Lia's and Kiev's. The two are as different as sunshine and rain, each happy with themselves in their own, individual worlds. Neither is horribly popular, and that's fine, since they're fine with who they are. And I loved that, since it does take these characters out of the usual realm of cliche. The cast is diverse with even side characters from different backgrounds and attitudes. It creates a colorful mix for an engaging read and personalities to love, like or even hate. Family is also involved in just the right amount to make a great atmosphere. The read flows by effortlessly with tension, emotion, laughs, and heart. The characters come across extremely naturally, which made the entire read smooth. At least, the main characters. The side ones carried more corners and edges, and will hit readers differently. There is bad language and one character, in particular, is hormone central and flaunts this attitude excessively without reprimand straight through to the end. Romance fans, who just want to enjoy a cute story of enemies to lovers, will want to pick this one up. I received a complimentary copy and found it to be a fun read.

Surprising, Funny, and Full of Heart
Written by M.W. Griffith (Author of The Cold, Bending Light) on 20th May 2018

This isn't the usual genre that I read, but found myself enjoying Bacon Pie quite a bit. Lia and Kiev are adorable, but Barnabas and Cole often stole the show for me. All of the characters are rich in depth, bringing their own joys and insecurities to the table, but the antics of Cole, especially the over dramatic way in which he speaks, always brought a smile to my face. Barnabas, who's stuck in an out of fashion 'Goth' stage and is referred to as The Crow by love interest Sophie, is a strong character because of his kind heart and devotion to those who matter most to him. Most notably, Lia. What makes a good character, and often a good book, is how the writing allows the reader to peel back layers of the cast, discovering truths as well as joys along their personal journeys. This is where Candace Robinson and Gerardo Delgadillo succeed. I recommend a bite of this pie to anyone who wants to enjoy rich, heartfelt characters, and has a taste for bacon.

A fun, quirky young adult romance that will appeal to ...
Written by Jeigh M on 3rd May 2018

A fun, quirky young adult romance that will appeal to fans of contemporary, Shakespeare, and bacon! Kiev and Lia are relatable and their voices ring true as teenagers. The situations they get themselves into are comical and there is a nice resolution at the end. Thanks to Gerardo Delgadillo for giving me a copy in exchange for a review!

A delectable and adorable read! *Book provided by the author for an ...
Written by Taytos on 3rd May 2018

This book really brings home the bacon. A delectable and adorable read! *Book provided by the author for an honest review. One person found this helpful

Bacon Pie .... yes, please!
Written by Sasha Hibbs on 3rd May 2018

Bacon Pie by Candace Robinson and Gerardo Delgadillo was the funnest book I've read all year! This is the first work I've read from these authors and I have to point out they make quite a team! Bacon Pie was so easy to read. There was nothing grueling about it. While reading Bacon Pie I looked forward to getting home and resuming where I'd left off the night before. The main characters, Lia and Kiev, are a wonderful case of opposites attract. They are somewhat forced to work together as the result of a school *mishap*, at the Piggy Palooza Festival. And it's those circumstances and those conditions that bring out the layers in these characters. I loved their story and didn't want it to end! I loved all the secondary characters, the culture, the festival and I'm absolutely reconsidering my way of thinking about armadillos. Pepe is the best! Overall, Bacon Pie is a fabulous YA Contemporary that is light on the heart and would easily be enjoyed by anyone! Loved this!

The perfect light romantic read!
Written by Ronda on 14th Apr 2018

Bacon Pie is about a high school student from a small Texas town whose life we get to eavesdrop on. It seems so genuine as she plays video games and bounces between her mother and two father's household. When theater geek, Kiev enters the story things get pretty entertaining. Fate and their bad behavior bring them both to the principal's office. They are forced to work together or face suspension. It is charming and witty and the perfect romantic read! The dialogue and characters keep this entertaining. The story is told from alternating POV and had fun with the girl and boy dynamic. I think fans of romantic comedies would enjoy this. Degadillo and Robinson are writers to watch out for.

You won’t want to miss this read
Written by Amazon Customer on 14th Apr 2018

Contemporary is not my favourite genre, but Bacon Pie changed that experience!!! Looking for a quirky story for a spring read? Pick this up. You won’t be disappointed! Candace Robinson has become one of my favourite authors, and this book is no exception! Written by two talented authors from dual perspective, you won’t want to miss this one!

Written by Amazon Customer on 14th Apr 2018

I loved this book. It was so easy for me to get myself lost in this book. With the descriptions for the characters and the scenes in this book I felt like I was there. Seriously...I could smell and see all the scenes clearly in my head. I could even imagine the taste of some things. I loved the captions that each chapter had. It helped set up what the chapters where going to be about. I like the witty attitudes of the characters and the emotional connections that formed between them. And I also loved the book bouncing back and fourth between all the different characters point of views. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

Awesome book, A must read!!
Written by Patricia Thibodeaux on 14th Apr 2018

Bacon Pie is such a fun read. I really enjoyed the characters of this book and all of the different personalities. I could relate to Lia so much because I acted a lot like her when I was in high school, and had a lot of the same thoughts. I loved how you got to know both Lia and Kiev and all of their crazy friends. If you are into YA books then I would definitely read this one. You will not be disappointed.

Fun Summer read!
Written by kaitlinmichelle on 14th Apr 2018

Another hit from Candace Robinson, complete with quirky characters and her unique writing style. This book was written by two authors but their voices blend together seamlessly, and their writing styles compliment each other nicely. Barnabas was my favorite character

funny, and enjoyable
Written by A.Rl on 14th Apr 2018

Bacon Pie was so light-hearted and cute! Both POV characters--Kiev and Lia--were well fleshed out, funny, and enjoyable. In fact, all the characters had their own personalities and were fun to read. Everyone had their own way of dealing with things which made them very real. I think my favorite part was that their families played into the story instead of simply existing in the background. It also had my favorite romance trope so a win all around! And the Piggy Palooza Festival seemed like a good time! I recommend Bacon Pie if you're looking to read a quirky story that will put a smile on your face.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this one
Written by Cortney on 14th Apr 2018

YA contemporary has always been a hit or miss with me. I have to say that I really enjoyed this one! Who needs love, drama and friends when you have Pepe?! Lol I now need him in my life! The story and the characters were very easy to follow and I liked that it was fun and entertaining the whole way through. It honestly just made want to be a teenager all over again. So If your looking for something light with a few giggles here and there then this book is for you! Many thanks to the authors for an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review

It's a fun read, with some funny moments and incredibly fleshed-out ...
Written by E on 14th Apr 2018

"Bacon Pie" by Candace Robinson and Gerardo Delgadillo is so light-hearted. It's a fun read, with some funny moments and incredibly fleshed-out characters. The viewpoint switches from Kiev to Lia, from theater star to video-game girl, and both are likable and quirky. The dialogue and story are easy reading in that they flow realistically and it's great to follow along with the two mains as they realize what's important to them. It's fun, though. Like full of butter-carving contests and pet armadillos and goth friends who bake professionally well fun. If you are like me, this book will bring back some of the few sweet memories to be had in adolescence. "Why do I speak before thinking sometimes? Can I haul that sentence back in with a lasso?" is probably my favorite (inner-thought) quote I've read in a long time. Grab this one for laughs and sweetness of young love and for the incredibly realistic way the characters spoke and interacted with each other.

Written by Luke on 14th Apr 2018

A quirky and quick-reading romp through the punchy politics of romance in a small town Texas high school, Bacon Pie by Candace Robinson and Gerardo Delgadillo serves up a sometimes sweet sometimes snarky slice of enemies to lovers adventure, spiced with Shakespeare and a plethora of pork products. A charming collaboration, Bacon Pie conjures all the drama of high school with a breezy narrative flow, and offers a colorful cast of relatable, distinctive, and diverse characters with fully rounded story arcs and snappy one-liners. Why did the armadillo cross the road? To get some Bacon Pie! I had to say that because Pepe is El Guapo, la estrella de la historia. My many thanks to Candace Robinson for providing an ARC for me to read, this fun tale had me smiling and laughing and feeling a wee bit nostalgic

Cute theme and humor won me over!
Written by Delta High School Library on 14th Apr 2018

Thanks to Evernight Teen and an author request for the opportunity to read and review Bacon Pie by Candace Robinson and Gerard Odelgadillo. Evernight Teen. Lia and Kiev began a relationship under the strangest of circumstances; Lia punches Kiev in the face! For punishment, they have to perform community service at the local festival that celebrates all things pig. Teen angst, awkward friends, family diversity and family struggles round out this story to make a charming and fun realistic fiction read for young adults. I enjoyed Lia’s and Kiev’s differences in and passion for their hobbies, retro video games and Shakespearean plays, respectively. Tough topics are lightly addressed and added to the depth of the storyline and overall, the cute theme and humor won me over, 4 stars! * I received a complimentary copy of this book for voluntary review consideration.

Pig Party!
Written by Pig Party! on 14th Apr 2018

A super fun book when you need a light read with lots of laughs. Candace Robinson brings Bacon Pie to your reading table. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book and it is truly amazing!

Bacon Pie is simply adorable. How could a book with a Piggy Palooza ...
Written by Avid Reader on 14th Apr 2018

Bacon Pie is simply adorable. How could a book with a Piggy Palooza Festival be anything but charming and sweet? Except there is some suspense thrown in to make it one compelling read! The characters felt well developed with interests outside of just each other and there is so much diversity they truly reflect the world we live in. Two thumbs up!

Bacon Pie is yummy and fun
Written by Amazon Customer on 14th Apr 2018

A hard-to-resist enemies-to-lovers romance filled with quirky characters, a whole lot of bacon and a pet armadillo! This is a cute, quick read that will appeal to fans of YA contemporary romance. Memorable characters and setting make this the perfect summer read.

Bacon pie was a very fun read. The main characters were really cute and ...
Written by Victoria on 14th Apr 2018

For real guys, 5 stars! Bacon pie was a very fun read. The main characters were really cute and quirky and take you back to that feeling of first love!

Cute. Funny. Original! 5*!!!
Written by Alexa Whitewolf on 14th Apr 2018

This is one of those rare books you want to savour. I found myself delaying finishing it if only because I liked having a bit of Lia and Kiev to read every day - and now I don’t! :( A delightful, fun, quirky, AWESOME read full of vibrant characters and awesome dialogue!! Seriously, Lia and Kiev’s internal monologues are absolutely HILARIOUS. Get ready for loads of fun, hilarity and yes, romance, because this book delivers on all fronts. I found it’s like good wine - it gets better with ever chapter, until it wraps up with a perfect ending that leaves you smiling. HIGHLY recommend this!!! Make it your next Spring read ASAP

Written by Sassy Lashes on 14th Apr 2018

You guys, this story was so stinkin' cute. There's an amazing cast of characters, a pig themed festival, and a pet armadillo named Pepe. That alone is worth the price of admission. Lia definitely makes my list of favorite characters. She is unapologetically herself and tells it like it is. I also love her dads. So much. Between them and Barnabus, I'm about ready to move into that apartment complex. I could not put this one down and absolutely loved the ending. This was such a nice read and left me feeling all happy and such. I look forward to reading it again, especially when I need a pick-me-up. ***I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary ARC of this book.***

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The first thing I loved about this ...
Written by Reads & Reels on 14th Apr 2018

Well, I don’t know how I feel about bacon on my pie but one look at this cover and I had to read it! Thank you Candace for sending me an ARC of your latest book! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The first thing I loved about this book was how accurately it portrayed the average teenager. Are teens sarcastic? Yes I’m pretty sure it’s their primary means of communication. Do they drink irresponsibly and then pay for it later? Of course! It’s a rite of passage. Are they perfect? Nope, but they are fiercely loyal to their friends, have complicated issues that are in fact important, and they usually try their best to be a decent person. Obviously, there will be exceptions but I feel like all of the characters in this story were very real and my former teen self could relate to most of their issues. Very refreshing and in my opinion, super important when a writer wants their readers to connect. All of the characters were vibrant and unique kids, with interesting family dynamics. Kudos to the authors for nailing it here. I also appreciated how diverse the characters were. Not merely defined by whatever clique they belonged to. The writing was great, the story was funny and endearing, and it had wonderful characters… Really what more could you ask for? I heartily recommend “Bacon Pie” the book not the dessert, to anyone looking for a light humorous read that will most definitely make you reflect on your own youth Rating… A+

Bacon Pie
Written by Carrie G on 14th Apr 2018

Bacon Pie by Candace Robinson and Gerardo Delgadillo is a young adult contemporary romance story that will be sure to give readers a few chuckles. The book moves at a fast pace as it alternates the point of view between the characters. Kiev Jimenez loves acting and Shakespeare and wanted nothing more than to get the part of Horatio in the school production of Hamlet. But Kiev’s dream went downhill when he found out he’d missed the email for the Horatio try outs. Lia Abbie is more into her old school video games than Shakespeare so when Kiev asks that she may be named after Ophelia the encounter doesn’t go well. Afterwards Lia and Kiev find themselves in the principal’s office getting the punishment of working the Piggy Palooza Festival. What neither expected was their time together turning into something more. Bacon Pie was such a fun read. There were plenty of times I found myself chuckling and the authors even get bonus points for making a recipe at the end of the story bring a few laughs showcasing it in a whole new way. The characters in here are a bit of a case of opposites attracting after they’ve been forced to spend some time together. While I thought the story was fun and the characters likable I also have to give credit for adding in the cutest and most interesting pet I’ve come across in a while. In the end I’d definitely suggest picking this one up if a fan of a fast paced young adult contemporary read. I received an advance copy of Bacon Pie from the author, thanks for allowing me the early read Candace Robinson.

There's more to this story than bacon pie! :D
Written by The Genre Minx Book Reviews on 14th Apr 2018

With a title like “Bacon Pie” how could I not be intrigued to want to pick up this book? As skeptical as I may have been (admit it, that’s what you are also thinking), this story was one that charmed me and had me falling in love with these quirky teenagers who were anything but normal. Kiev and Lia had their own lives and their own problems and although they knew of each other in school they gravitated in different circles. Until the one day they didn’t, when Lia had had enough and took a stand, which also ended up with both of them having to “serve time” oh wait I mean do volunteer work at the town’s Piggy Palooza Festival. Neither Lia or Kiev ever expected that they would develop a friendship let alone that anything more could come from their time together but stranger things have happened. Speaking of strange, Kiev’s best friend Cole is a very interesting character in every single way. He is the kind of guy that all girls like to avoid but somehow throughout this story he developed, although he did betray his best friend’s trust but it was for the most noble of noblest causes, into a great guy and he manages to bring much comic relief into a story that deals with many tough issues that teens face. The entire cast of characters in Bacon Pie are just wonderful! They are all nicely fleshed out with personalities that add to the story and make it memorable. Even Kiev’s pet Armadillo manages to inject humor into this story with his wily little ways. There are some tense moments and maybe even a little high school drama but every situation is handled in such a way that there is very little angst and you will not find yourself reliving any of your own high school nightmares. Those memories will stay in the recesses of your own mind but you will definitely enjoy your time reading Bacon Pie! This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Candace Robinson. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

I dont usually like contemporary BUT!!!
Written by Madalyn on 14th Apr 2018

I know what you’re thinking…”What is this strange book called Bacon Pie that also LITERALLY has a piece of bacon pie on its cover?!” Well, it’s a quirky new contemporary written by two talented Authors. Our chapters alternate perspective between Lia “Ophilia” Abbie and Kiev Jimenez in a way that leaves no illusions as to what these two characters think and feel because you often get to see part of the same situation from both characters. I think this was done very well because it doesn’t feel repetitive, which is awesome! These two authors played really well off of each other! I really enjoyed our two main characters and a lot of the supporting characters were just as wonderful. I will admit Cole annoyed the heck out of me at first with his insistence on calling people by their whole name plus Miss, Mrs, Mr in front of it any time he addressed someone but by the end of the book it just had me laughing like “oh that silly Cole”. Needless to say this was a very cute and funny romance and I just really liked the fact that these two were forced to go volunteer at the cringe worth Piggy-Palooza Festival. I will admit I am not the biggest fan of contemporaries and can be fairly picky in what I do and don’t like in this genre but I tore through this story and was entertained the entire time, so I definitely would recommend this book to others! I give Bacon Pie a 5 Star contemporary rating! (Holy wow, Batman! lol) I also want to thank Candace for sending me an Arc of Bacon Pie in exchange for my honest review!

So Cute
Written by D.C. on 14th Apr 2018

This is such an adorable story filled with my favorite food in the world—bacon! Kiev and Lia are such distinct and complex characters, and I fell in love with them (as well as their friends) immediately. Bacon Pie could not have been written better! I felt the high school life was so well depicted that it actually made me remember things I completely forgot about. The Piggy Palooza was such a great plot. Lia’s issues with butter carving cracked me up! All of these characters are so realistic, I feel that I really know these people! I loved all the 90s references from Lia and Kiev’s theater kid nature. Pepe was also prob my favorite! The authors has me on the edge of my seat regarding that adorable Pepe!! I would love to visit the Piggy Palooza and the train graveyard. If only they were real! If you like quirky and sweet teen romance, you need to snatch this one up! I received a copy and volunteered to review it.

It's Down-To-Earth and Real!
Written by Senoj on 14th Apr 2018

This is a super cute story for young adult readers who are bored by high-techy or high fantasy books. Bacon Pie is down-to-earth and real! It's your classmates, it's your neighbors, it's your school in a way only YOU know it. It's hilarious and fun. And I love the fact that Kiev is so into Shakespeare (and the school play he wants to audition for) that he wears a t-shirt that reads: I Put the Shake in Shakespeare. After high-schoolers Kiev and Lia get into trouble, the principal gives them an ultimatum — either volunteer at the Piggy Palooza Festival or be suspended. Neither of the two are happy about either choice, but both agree to volunteer at this "everything bacon" festival and it turns out to be a crazy experience! Lots of laughs, a few "yuck!" moments, but all fun. I was especially drawn to this book because of another book I read by co-author Gerardo Delgadillo called "Summerlypse." He has a realistic YA writing style that is refreshing and catchy.

feel good, refreshing, and clean love story. Perfect summer and festival read.
Written by Yesha on 14th Apr 2018

Note: I received review copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Did ever punching someone on face have changed your life? Here it happened with these two main characters of the book- Lia and Kiev. Bacon Pie is sugary sweet YA contemporary novel, a love story of Lia and Kiev. A story of two enemies turned to lovers through a cringe worthy but life changing Piggy Palooza Festival. It’s funny, refreshing, entertaining high school and bit of family drama. Characters- Kiev Jimenez- was (in Cole’s language) ‘Tex-Mex’ (Mexican living in Texas) nerd who loved theater and Shakespeare plays. He was nice decent guy whom you can’t help but love. There was almost no flaws in this character. I loved his calm, understanding, and caring nature. I also liked how he understood emotions of his family and gave them space when needed. I liked him even more during Piggy festivals. Lia Abbie- She was total opposite of Kiev. She was gaming freak, tomboyish and so grumpy in initial chapters. She hardly liked anyone outside her circle which included Barnabas (Lia’s best friend), her mom and two dads. Initially I couldn’t understand why she didn’t like anyone, she was so opinionated even though she hardly talked to anyone but eventually she started to open up and made new friends. I liked changes in her and her life during and after Piggy festival. Her family dynamic was great and I loved how her parents managed to live in same apartment complex even after separation. Cole (Kiev’s best friend) was funniest character but his habit of speaking full name was little annoying. No wonder Lia disliked him. I never expected he would take up Kiev’s advice and would focus on one girl, it was quite surprising. I loved all secondary characters and their role in story. Specially Barnabas and his two little sisters. What I liked- Isn't that cover beautiful? I so loved it. This was my fourth book by Candace and second by Gerardo and I could see glimpse of both authors in the book. The story was narrated alternatively by Kiev and Lia that gave pretty good idea on what they thought and felt for their family, friends and each other. Authors described all characters so perfectly that I felt like I was watching them very closely. They felt so real and were easy to connect with. My favorite part of the book was Piggy Palooza Festival, which was center point of the book. Usually I say story revolved around main characters but it would be fair to say here that story revolved around this Piggy Palooza Festival. It was fun and entertaining to read specially that Bacon Pie competition and Bacon eating contest. Humor was so effortless and looked silly at some point but still it made me smile. Twist and turns were nice and smooth, also surprising at points. Loved the climax and end of the book. Ooh and that epilogue was something new. I liked that authors decided to give it different voice. Overall, this was feel good, refreshing, and clean love story with festival feel that will entertain to all young adults. It's perfect summer and festival read.

You MUST try THIS Bacon Pie!! You WONT regret it!!!
Written by Donna W on 14th Apr 2018

I always thought I’d like anything as long as you wrapped it in bacon. That is, until Kiev and Lia went to the Piggy Palooza Festival and I read about some of the bacon things they had there. No! I’m not going to tell you! You have to read the book!! But, I will never think that way again. Ok...I’m getting ahead of myself. If you read the nice little summary that was written to tell you what the book is about, then you know that Kiev and Lia have to volunteer at this festival as a punishment for something that went down at school. No! I’m not going to tell you what that is either! Read the book! What you need to know is that this book is DEFINITELY WORTH THE READ....SO READ IT!!! Candace Robinson and Gerardo Delgadillo flow beautifully together in this book. These two are a match made in heaven, with regards to writing!! They are both really great at writing characters and making you get completely immersed in their lives. This book has a GREAT CAST OF CHARACTERS!!! There is: Kiev Jimenez and his pet armadillo, Pepe (I love Pepe) Vi (Vienna) Jimenez (Kiev’s sister) Mr. Jimenez The Jimenez family are Mexican. Mr. Jimenez emigrated from Mexico before the kids were born. But he insists they only speak Spanish when at home, that way they will always be fluent in the language. Cole Novotny and his car, Mr. Corey (Cole is Kiev’s best friend) Lia (Ophelia) Abbie Amanda (Lia’s Mom) The Daddies - Dom and Alex (Lia’s Dads) Lia’s Mom, her dads and Barnabas’ family all live in the same apartment complex, so she can walk from one to another. Barnabas Lao (Lia’s best friend) Channery & Dara Lao (Barnabas’ very little sisters) Mrs. Lao Sophie Mattox (You’ll see) So, I don’t normally go to the trouble of writing out an entire cast of characters in my review. But I’m in love with these characters! Annnnd maybe I have a little book crush on Kiev! *blush* I KNOW HE’S TOO YOUNG FOR ME, but it’s ok because it’s a book crush...right? This is a fun book guys! It is a YA Contemporary, but it also has humor, sarcasm (gotta love that), PEPE...I mean an Armedillo, romance (she says with hearts in her eyes), baking, piggies and most importantly BACON PIE!! So make sure you get your book and ENJOY YOUR BACON PIE!!