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Evernight Teen Anthology Call


Kissed: A Young Adult Anthology


Pucker up, YA authors!  

Kisses can be innocent, playful, mysterious, or sexy. That’s why we’re dedicating an anthology to them! 

We’re looking for your best young adult contemporary romance. The rules? An HEA, of course. Plus, your story must begin and end in a kiss. Get creative with your kisses. For example, the first may be planted on the top of a stray dog’s head, a lipstick-stained kiss on a car windshield, the final kiss after a breakup, or a kiss cam kiss during a basketball game … you get the picture.  

It goes without saying the final kiss must be deliciously swoonworthy.


Deadline: April 27, 2018

15-25K words

Send submissions with a completed blurb, legal name, pen name, and any writing credits to with "ANTHO" in the Subject field.